Book Excerpt Third Party

Book Excerpt

51jrqg90tdl“So, the confluence of my thinking is this: I plan to take the majority of my personal wealth and use it to support third-party activities. In fact, I plan to start a new political party.”

There was a stunned silence.

“I don’t mean to burst your bubble,” K.C. finally said, shaking her head, “but this has been tried before, and rather unsuccessfully, I may add. Teddy Roosevelt couldn’t pull it off and he was beloved. Ross Perot couldn’t pull it off. He had more money than even you.”

“You’re right,” Atlas responded calmly. “This has been tried and there have been many failures. Roosevelt got just over twenty-seven percent of the vote and Perot, nineteen. Not much to write home about. If you look throughout history you will see hundreds of political parties, yet very few have achieved any significant success. Even in today’s world, there are dozens of parties across America that are lucky to hit a bunt single every cycle or two. The few successes, like Jesse Ventura winning the governorship in Minnesota, or Joe Lieberman’s recent run as an independent in Connecticut, have been about individuals. They could not, and did not, translate to party continuity.

“Listen,” said Atlas, holding his hands as if about to catch a pass, “I know how this sounds. But, I have spent the better part of the past eighteen months contemplating this idea and it is my hope that, by the end of our time here, you will all join me in this effort.

“Lauren, you have more experience than anyone I know in I.T. General, you’ve spent your entire life organizing and leading troops and then workers. K.C., you’ve dedicated your life to the advancement of critical social issues, some of which are more mainstream today than ever before. And, Tom, if you will indulge me for the time being, you are my secret weapon.”

Tom looked puzzled, but said nothing.
“It will all be revealed in time, Tom, I promise.

 “Each of you has impeccable reputations for honesty and the highest ethical standards; above all else, our research shows these to be the most important qualities that Americans covet in government.”

After a brief pause, Atlas stood and stretched a bit. “Whaddaya say we break here? I know you will need time to digest, literally and figuratively. You can resume tearing me apart over dinner. Assuming you don’t pick the carcass too clean, there should be adequate time to forge a third party plan.”

Atlas mentally stepped back and surveyed his guests. He wasn’t sure if they were inspired, in shock, or maybe some of each—but he knew they were totally engaged. In the case of K.C. and the General, it was certainly not the first time he had caught either off guard with a revolutionary idea.

About the Book

Why doesn’t the United States have an effective, competitive third political party? What would it take to get one off the ground? To what lengths would the Democrats and Republicans go to prevent this from happening? Most importantly, could a new third political party really make a difference? Third Party: Volume I: Starting in the Middle provides answers to these and other relevant questions regularly contemplated and discussed across America by a disgruntled and disconnected electorate. Volume I also serves as a primer for those who lack knowledge of the “behind the scenes” maneuvering that makes American politics the ultimate contact sport.

Author Bio

STEVEN NEMEROVSKI is an Adjunct Professor at Columbia University with the School of International and Public Affairs. He was the Parliamentarian for the Illinois House of Representatives, Special Counsel to The Speaker of the Illinois House of Representatives, Special Counsel to the Chief Executive Officer of Chicago Public Schools, and outside general counsel to various state agencies in Illinois.  He hosts the “None of The Above” television programming on Grassroots TV in Aspen, Colorado. Learn more at and
Third Party: Volume I: Starting in the Middle
Is THIRD PARTY fact or fiction? It is an intriguing story that could become reality in the hands and hearts of the right people. No matter how passionate or well intended America’s third party proponents have been to-date, the current “system” is designed to defeat them. In THIRD PARTY, one visionary man shows how it can be accomplished in the face of insurmountable odds.Vol. I “Starting in the Middle”  is the story of Alex “Atlas” Stein, a self-made billionaire, who risks wealth and reputation to create a viable third political party in America. It follows the resourceful efforts of Atlas and his loyal team from the conception of the E Party through two election cycles and the intervening legislative session. Volume I is filled with the “behind the scenes” cut-throat political maneuvering that makes American politics the ultimate contact sport.
Third Party: Volume II: Strange Bedfellows
Volume II, Strange Bedfellows, examines the twisted thinking of modern day Democrats and Republicans that it is more important to get elected than it is to govern responsibly. Focusing on the evils of win-at-all-costs elections and the role decennial redistricting plays in protecting incumbency, the story sheds light on the legislative process and how policy goals take a back seat to political dynasties.This political thriller is again cloaked in suspense revolving around the diabolical DNC Chairman, Eddie Cobb. As the E Party fights for its’ survival, in consort with Republican leaders and others, Cobb outdoes his hostility from Volume I by unleashing a series of relentless,subversive attacks in the spirit of America’s many unprincipled, cutthroat politicians.

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