Book Review: Optimal Exposure by Dan Rogel

61wdemfxw1lTitle: Optimal Exposure
Author: Dan Rogel
Genre: Murder Mystery, Mystery and Suspense
Age Group: Adult
Rating: 4 stars
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A visit to an Indian festival by a photographers’ expedition turns into a riveting murder case.

A group of world-traveled photographers losses two of its members in unexplained circumstances. When the son of one of the victims decides to investigate on his own, he retrieves disturbing discoveries revealing unknown information about his late father. A bright police investigators and his talented team join the investigation in attempt to solve a mystery, in the context of photography commerce and international travel.

Travel the world with this realistically written tale while solving a gripping murder mystery.

Optimal Exposure is a memorable novel that skillfully weaves personal experience and rare writing talent to bring about an enthralling and pleasurable read. It is a gripping thriller with a rapidly unfolding plot and nuanced characters that will grab your attention from beginning to end.

In Optimal Exposure, a group of photographers visits an Indian festival, and then loses two of its members in mysterious circumstances. The son of one of the victims decides to investigate the case, but makes some startling discoveries, especially in regards to his late father. At the same time, a police detective and his team are also trying to solve the mystery of who murdered these photographers, and why.

The writing is very expressive, making it easy for a reader to picture the scenes. The author has an easy-flowing writing style, and as soon as I started reading, I was sucked into the story. The author incorporated some cultural and geographical aspects from the locations mentioned in the book, like India, and that worked really well.

The characters were detailed and complex, and the mystery complicated enough to keep me guessing. A solid read for mystery fans, especially if you also like photography or traveling.

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