Book Review: One God – The Will To Power

onegod_coverTitle: One God – The Will To Power
Author: Kata Mlek
Genre: Dystopian, Technothriller, Science Fiction
Rating: 4 stars
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Miran Zyelinski has had enough of ethics and laws getting in the way of progress.

Nothing—not the government, not the church, and certainly not lesser men—will hold back Miran’s vision for humankind: immortality.

Miran will need wealth, brilliance, and ruthlessness to achieve his goal. Andreas can provide wealth, but must be paid in his own currency, and his price is high. Satia has brilliance and ruthlessness to match Miran, but their mix is volatile.

Opposed on all sides, Miran will not waver from his goal of immortality. The question is not whether he will succeed, but who will be left alive when he does.

Based on real-world developments in biology and genetics, this technothriller rolls relentlessly through unexpected twists and continuous shifts of power, culminating in a tempting, disturbing, and altogether-too-likely vision of the future, where one corporation gains almost total control over the world.

Book 1 of 3. Includes The Genesis Files, bonus micro-fiction and art from the world of One God.

Note: contains strong language and some disturbing scenes. For mature readers only.

In One God – The Will To Power, ambitious scientist Miran Zyelinski has had enough of ethics and laws getting in the way of progress. He has one vision in mind for all of humanity: immortality. But if he wants to achieve this goal, he’ll need to be ruthless. He’ll need a lot of funds too, and a brilliant mind. But can he succeed, or will the price be too high?

This is a tough novel to read, and to review. There’s a lot of ruthlessness, competitiveness and harshness, and it’s a novel showcasing evil in all its forms – humanity’s evil, from its corruptness to its willingness to put aside morals and dignity just to achieve their goals. It is hard to find a character woth having sympathy for, but despite most of the characters having a wicked streak, they still come across as very… human. Raw, harsh, evil, but still human.

It’s a dark book set in a dark, bleak world, where devastation lies around every corner and people are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve what they want. The kicker is that it doesn’t seem that farfetched from the world we live in today.

An explosive, ruthless start to a new series, one that fans of thrillers and science fiction will enjoy.

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