Beat The Backlist Challenge 2017


The purpose of the Beat the Backlist Challenge is to knock off titles that have been on your TBR list for a while. Naturally, that means the books have to be released prior to 2017.

You can set your own goals for this challenge. I finished a lot of eBooks from my backlist last year, but this year I’m focusing on paperbacks / physical copies. I’d like to read at least 20 books from my backlist this year.

You can find out more about the challenge or sign up to participate on Novel Knight.

I will keep track of my progress here, and on my main reading challenges page.

  1. The Creeping Shadow by Jonathan Stroud
  2. Stormy Waters by Miron Ben Ari
  3. Uscolia: Learning Without Teaching by Gabriel Lanyi
  4. Take Me To The Start by J.R. Kavit
  5. Fool Me Twice by Philippa Jane Keyworth
  6. A Random Traveler by Leo Getz
  7. The Convenient Escape by Robert Downs
  8. Sunset Reads: Damian & Layla by D.C. Triana
  9. Place to Belong by Claire Boston
  10. Tribulations by Faith Hunter
  11. No Quarter: Wenches (Volume 1) by MJL Evans and GM O’Connor
  12. Legacy by Hannah Fielding
  13. Pork Pies by Judy Nichols
  14. Blood Rain by Nancy Gray
  15. Vision: Seeing is Achieving by Allan Sealy
  16. Redfern by G.D. Tinnams

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