Cloak and Dagger Reading Challenge 2017


For the Cloak and Dagger challenge, you have to read mystery / crime / thriller / suspense books. Last year, I nearly reached the highest level, just barely missing it, so this year, I want another shot at the challenge.

This year, I’m aiming for the third level, 26-35 thriller / mystery books. This level is called Inspector, and I like the sound of that.

You can find out more about the challenge, or sign up to participate on Books, Movies, Reviews, Oh My!

I will keep track of my progress here, and on my main reading challenges page.

  1. Murder at Midnight by John Ukah
  2. Stormy Waters by Miron Ben Ari
  3. The Convenient Escape by Robert Downs
  4. Survival: Hijacking Into Freedom by M. Ben Yanay
  5. A Kind of Woman by Helen Burko
  6. Ernie and the Evils of Insurance by Brent Ayscough
  7. Pork Pies by Judy Nichols
  8. In The Prison of Our Grief by S.E. Amadis
  9. Survivor of the Clan by Jennifer Ott
  10. From the Nile to Jordan by Ada Aharoni
  11. A Blue-Eyed Asset by Dana Arama
  12. Blood on the Ground by Paul Usiskin
  13. Thin Air by Yotam Jacobson
  14. No Medals Today by Shlomi Tal
  15. Married to the Mossad by Shalva Hessel
  16. Double Interest by Odeda Yaari
  17. The Lucky Ones by Mark Edwards
  18. Missing by Adiva Geffen
  19. The Watcher by Eli Carros
  20. 2036 The Proof by Zvi Speiser
  21. Final Girls by Riley Sager
  22. Stealing Liberty by Jennifer Froelich
  23. The Beautiful Dead by Belidna Bauer
  24. The Unexpected by Travon Toussiant
  25. The Carpet Weaver of Isfahan by Shmuel Peretz
  26. The Dreadful Tango in Paris by Charles Z. David
  27. I Am Not A Traitor by Y.I. Latz
  28. Life in a Box by Einat Lifshitz Shem-Tov
  29. 5th Floor Below by Menahem Misgav
  30. Roller Coaster in Tehran by Y.I. Latz
  31. Until Sweet Death Arrives by Amnon Binyamini
  32. A Trap in Paris by Uzi Eilam
  33. Singapore Under Attack by Uzi Eilam
  34. Secrets in the Woods by J.E. Smythe
  35. Penchant for Vengeance by Robert Downs
  36. Framed by Wayne Kerr
  37. Power Struggle by Carolyn Arnold


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