New Year’s Resolutions 2017

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Since I just finished reflecting on my progress on my goals for last year, I decided to write about my New Year’s Resolutions for this blog for 2017.

  • Finish the reading challenges I signed up for. This might be a recurring goal for every year. This year, I signed up for 7 challenges, and of course, I’ll also participate in the Goodreads reading challenge again, totalling eight. I’ll keep track of my challenge progress here.
  • Add covers of the books I received for review on my Facebook page. Also, keep track of the books I reviewed on Facebook. I didn’t do this last year, not the year before that, although I had it on my goals list.
  • Put the latest reviews in the sidebar of my blog. I’ll add the covers and then have them link to the review. Last year, I did this for about two months before I gave up, but it was a good way to show the latest books I reviewed, so I want to start doing it again.
  • Set up more original posts. This could be discussion posts, tutorials, tricks, anything.  I haven’t written any of those in forever, and they’re so much fun.
  • Keep my monthly routine in check. At the end of every month, I add all my reviews to I Heart Yearly Reads, where I keep track of the books I’ve read each year, and also update the review index with the new books. I want to keep doing this, and also update the Facebook page with the new covers.
  • Keep up with my weekly routine. Each week, I send out a weekly newsletter, check my mailbox, and add all reviews for the past week to Amazon, Goodreads and Barnes & Noble. It’s a good routine and I want to keep doing this next year.
  • Keep more in touch with the book blogging community. I did rather well on this last year and want to keep up the momentum.
  • Participate in more memes. I usually participate in about 4 memes every week, which is enough, but I just need to keep going at it, and not give up for a month and then go back to it.
  • Read over 200 books. I read about 200 books last year, and I think that’s a good number for next year as well.
  • Host more author interviews, guest posts, excerpts. Last year I hosted mostly reviews, and I want to bring some more original content to my blog.
  • Host a monthly or bi-monthly giveaway to get more followers. I’m thinking of giving away books, or maybe Amazon gift cards on a monthly or bi-monthly basis to get more followers, but I haven’t thought about the details yet.
  • Be more active on social media, and talk more to other book bloggers. This is self-explanatory. I need to get out there, and communicate!
  • Read and review my old ARC copies. Make a list of the paperbacks I received for review prior to 2017, and then make a spreadsheet or work out some other way to keep track of them, and review as many of them as I can by the end of next year.

What are your goals for your reading / your blog in 2017?


  1. Good resolutions. I could join you in many. I may be reducing my reading goal though so I can increase on discussion posts and blog visiting.
    I see your challenge list for 2017 includes Beat the Backlist, NetGalley and Edelweiss, and New Releases. I have the same juggling problem – trying to read the TBRs but still get in new NGs and new authors. Such a dilemma!
    Happy New Year and best of wishes for success in your Resolutions!

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