Book Review: To See A Jaguar by E. Etinger

Title: To See a Jaguar
Author: E. Etinger
Genre: Adventure
Rating: 4 stars
Purchase: Amazon
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To See a Jaguar is a fascinating book of adventures.

It illustrates the complex relationship that exists between Humans and Nature. It also considers the discord existing between existential, rational insights, and primordial mysteries such as in ancient legends.

Philippe is a tour guide in the rainforests of the Amazon Basin. He embodies a boundless admiration for nature in its totality, and the duality of bringing people to experience nature, on the one hand, while dreading to disturb the primeval natural balance on the other.

While journeying throughout adventurous sites in the Amazon Basin, the author of the book guides the reader through the unique fauna and flora of the rainforest in a breathtaking manner.

To See a Jaguar describes the Amazon Basin of today and periods in its history over the last several centuries, in an interesting and entertaining way.

To See A Jaguar is one of the most unique books I’ve read. It’s about the relationship between humans and nature, written by E. Etinger, explorer, adventurer, who went to the rainforests and now describes them in details to the reading audience.

The protagonist, Phillippe, is a tour guide in the rainforests. He has a lot of admiration for nature which shows in just about everything he says. The bok describes the rainforests, plants and nature in great detail, making the reader think they’re actually there, adn can see the scenes for themselves.

This book taught me a lot not just about nature in the Amazon Basin, but also about the tribes, about how humans relate to nature, and the balance between both. It’s a different and unique reading experience and certainly worth trying, especially if you like exotic places and discovering the unknown.

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