Book Review: Murder at Midnight by John Ukah

Title: Murder at Midnight

Author: John Ukah

Genre: Cozy Mystery

Rating: 4 stars

Purchase: Amazon

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Alex Simpson, an ex-police officer, decides after a bout of typhoid fever to take a break in a serene and therapeutic environment. The last thing he expects is to be called upon to solve a murder at the Kinging Guest Lodge. But that is what happens, when the delectable and vivacious Maria Marshall is found dead in her bedroom at midnight.The gallery of characters living at the guesthouse and thrown into the mix, do not make his task of solving this chilling and brutal murder any easier …

In Murder at Midnight, Alex Simpson is an ex-police officer who decides he needs a break from work, and heads over to the Kinging Guest Lodge for some much deserved relaxation. Unfortunately, he’s not there for long before he’s called upon to solve a murder when a woman is found dead in her bedroom at night.

There’s a lot of tension between all the characters involved. Considering the story takes place in the Kinging Guest Lodge, we know the possible suspects right away, but it’s hard to determine who of them has actually done it. Through some clever twists and turns, and a surprising revelation toward the end, the author kept me entertained as I tried to figure out who the murderer was. I usually manage to figure out the culprit’s identity quickly, which kind of ruins the surprise for me, but not so here – this plot kept me guessing.

It’s quite a short book (75 pages on my Kindle), so it’s a fast read but it’s still an enjoyable, suspenseful book. Recommended to fans of cozy mysteries.


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