Month In Review: January 2017

I’m bringing the old month in review meme back from the death. The last time I hosted this meme was back in June 2014…what a long time ago. I was still in uni back then. Anyway, now the meme is back, and as the title suggests, in this meme I talk about what I’ve been upto this month.

January was an extremely busy month for me. My book, Sally Sleuth and The Missing Mice, released on January 30, 2017. I’ve been busy prepping the book and setting up some promotions for it. Also, with the holidays and inviting people over and all that, I’ve been more than a little busy!

I did manage to review six books last month.

  1. Lost Girls by Merrie Destefano
  2. Sweet by Lisa Hahn
  3. To See a Jaguar by E. Etinger
  4. Cubicle to Cuba by Heidi Siefkas
  5. Murder at Midnight by John Ukah
  6. Eidolons by Harrison Fountain

I also hosted a bunch of starter day parties this month.

We hosted several release blitzes.

A few book spotlights, excerpts and interviews.


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