Book Review How To Catch Your Mate by Michael Goldenberg

Title: How To Catch Your Mate: The 23 Commandments

Author: Michael Goldenberg

Genre: Relationships, Nonfiction

Age Group: Adult

Rating: 4 stars

Purchase: Amazon

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Find and conquer your spouse!

What do you need to know in order to win your ideal man? How to Catch Your Mate is a fun and witty guidebook, designed to prepare you for meeting the right man for you!

Learn the secret to their heart

How to Catch Your Mate offers practical guidelines and elegant tips based on the experience of real men, who have handed down the key that opens their hearts. These precious insights are accompanied by charming drawings that add to this valuable knowledge humor and spice.

The perfect gift for any single woman

How to Catch Your Mate is written in a light and humorous fashion, but be sure to take it seriously! The techniques offered here will get men involved in a serious relationship and will help any woman who wishes to catch a mate and achieve her goal. It’s tested, it’s proven, and it works!

A practical toolbox for success

How To Catch Your Mate is a guide book written by a man but targeting women. It’s supposed to help women catch their mate, and it has some witty insights and some clever humor thrown in, and some useful tips that might actually help women on the dating field.

I’m pretty sure I’ve used some of the tips before – some are common sense (well, at least they were for me, maybe not for everyone), but others aren’t as straight forward and quite a few were new insights for me. I’m not on the dating field anymore, but if I was, I might try some of these out.

The chapters are really short, making this a quick read that you can finish in record time. It’s an entertaining read, and you might take some of the tips to heart when dating.


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