Book Review and Giveaway Those Who Are Left by Josh Stricklin

Title: Those Who Are Left
Author: Josh Stricklin
Genre: Horror
Age Group: Adult
Rating: 4 stars
Purchase: Amazon
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Thinking back to when everything changed, Derrick can never pinpoint if it was the pickaxe swinging toward his own face that alerted him or if he knew moments earlier when he saw the weapon hurtle toward the barn cat. Either way, he quickly realized that the man he was facing—a farm employee he knew well—was not only no longer a friend, he wasn’t even human any more.

An apocalyptic tale that surprises you with humor when it’s not terrifying you with horror, Those Who Are Left follows Derrick as he and two strangers venture through the major cities of the South in search of family and safety. But not all the human factions can be trusted, and if the trio can’t figure out what’s driving the different groups they could end up with enemies on all sides.

But even in a chaotic world of murderous screamers and posturing humans, there’s always time to play a few games of bowling before the slaughter begins…right?

In Those Who Are Left, the world changes in the blink of an eye. Derrick’s farmhand, a man he knows well, suddenly attacks him with a pickaxe. And the rest of the world doesn’t fare much better – humanity has left the building, and the creatures left are hungry and savage, and will attack anything that moves.

Derrick is saved by Mark, a complete stranger who may turn into the best friend he’s ever had. Surviving in this new, apocalyptic world, means finding trustworthy allies, and Derrick and Mark work together. Their goal is to find Derrick’s wife, Sarah, and Mark’s sister Jackie, but finding them will be tremendously difficult with flesh-eating zombie-like creatures marauding the streets.

Despite the horror of the situation, the author actually manages to incorporate some humor in the book as well. This helps show humanity’s resistence, even in the face of such a terrible danger.

The writing was solid, and once I started reading, I finished the book in one sitting. A supsenseful, creepy read for fans of zombie apocalypse books and scary novels.

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