Cover Reveal Princess… I Think Not

A Princess Series Novel

By Ashley Brooke Robbins

ISBN: 978-1-945910-10-4

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The Royal Family Just Got a Little Bigger….

My name’s Baily King and I’ve always considered myself different—liking dead roses, cemeteries, reading fully clothed in the bathtub, and howling at the moon whilst dancing naked under it. But, when my grandma, a woman I scarcely remember, comes for a visit, she opens her mouth and my weird world crashes down all over my combat-booted feet.

See, dear Gram is dying and wishes for me to accept my royal name. Turns out she finally left a small village south of Ireland—a village that her and her husband rule. Pfft. No pressure.

Bam, you’re a Princess. Wear your tiara and shut up.

Book Excerpt

The last image I saw of the woman sitting across from me now was tears streaming down her porcelain cheeks, and she held her hand out to me as my dad carried me out of some weird place. “My dad brought me to visit you?” I can’t stop myself.

Her eyebrows lift slightly, and, after a moment, “Yes.”

“But my dad’s girlfriend was being her usual thunder-twat self. Shocker. He had shit taste until he met her.” I jerk my chin to my stepmom.

Dear Stepmom elbows me, a clear sign for me to watch my language.

“Yes.” The corners of her glossed lips pull upwards. “I won’t waste any more time, then.” She clasps her hands together in her lap. “Baily, my dear, my full name is Elisabeth Eleanor King,” she informs me, like such an insight would have some special meaning.

“Okay?” I don’t know what to say. Do you want a cookie? seems a little too rude. We just met. I can’t spout bullshit until, at least the second date.

“I am currently the queen of a small village to the South of Ireland. Your father, Richard, was destined to be a king. But he, Lord rest his soul, was unable to fulfill his duties and take his rightful place after my husband and I are to step down from the throne.” She glances over at Tina and takes her hand when Tina’s eyes brim

with tears. She adds sincerely. “He was a wonderful man and loved you both dearly.” With that her gaze returns to mine.

“I beg your pardon?” I didn’t hear her right. I know I didn’t. I wait an extra minute for someone to crack up. Maybe I got my humor from Dad’s side? The room’s not quiet; you can hear the tension, and yet, no one laughs. I turn to look at the Hulks. Some are staring off into space, others are watching me, but there’s no amusement present. “You’re shitting me, right? You might need to run that by me one more time ’cause I just don’t think I heard you right.” You may think you’re a queen…

About the Author

Ashley’s favorite thing to write about is basically anything to do with myths, supernatural, paranormal…which might be easier for her considering ghosts constantly roam her house. She’s seen into their realm a few times because her third eye likes to remain open—she’s psychic. But upon occasion she’ll be forced to write about mundane, young adult life. It comes somewhat naturally to her considering she’s twenty herself.

If she still hasn’t met a vampire or other supernatural being, you’ll most likely find her with her computer or a notebook, working on whatever story plots invaded her mind or an article for An organization that supports the LGBT+ community, mental health sufferers, and body positivity. Like most young adults, she’s still unsure of what all she wants to do with her life. Become a marine biologist, graphic designer, editor, own a clothing line, become a mermaid, join the circus as a psychic? Or, do it all? Only time will tell.

She hopes to one day explore the world and all its nooks and crannies; delve into its secrets and rich history. Take her mom to swim with the dolphins, let her sister finally visit Graceland, and, her own dream, swim with sharks, doesn’t matter what kind… Mom probably won’t come for that adventure. She currently lives in North Carolina with her mom, sister, and four crazy, spoiled dogs who think they’re human.

You can find her on her, or on pretty much any other social media site as JustThatWeirdoNextDoor, or ThatWeirdoNext, except Snapchat (ash_lllranting). You can probably find those links on her website.

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