Book Review: Thirty Shades of Happiness by Haim Ben Hai

Title: Thirty Shades of Happiness
Author: Haim Ben Hai
Genre: Nonfiction
Age Group: Adult
Rating: 4 stars
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Train your mind to be happy

Feelings and Emotions are everything. What you feel determines the quality of your life because it establishes your life experience. But where and how are positive emotions created? Understanding the formation of feelings and emotions enables us to improve our emotional abilities and habits. When we produce good feelings and avoid frustrations, we can reach emotional balance and live the best life possible for us.

Influence your perception of reality and emotional affect

Positive occasions trigger positive emotions, but feelings are not only a result of perception – they also shape it. None of the actions we take to better our lives can directly address the most influential factor in determining happiness: our emotional state. And while our mind does not operate directly upon our desires, we do have the ability to influence it in indirect ways.

Maximize the potential of any life situation to reach the best life possible

30 Shades of Happiness delivers a simple and logical way to connect with a variety of wonderful emotions available to you right now. The simple exercises in this book will help you internalize its revolutionary yet intuitive approach and turn it into an integral part of your life. Learn how to significantly decrease potential and existing frustrations and produce joyous feelings in almost any situation and state. Actualize the potential inherent in your present and enhance positive emotions, to live the best life you can possibly have.

Thirty Shades of Happiness explores happiness. It’s a concept many of us don’t seem capable of achieving. Whenever we’re happy, we don’t fully get to enjoy it. Or we do, but the feeling is quickly suppressed by other feelings – we want more, we want less, we want something else. When you ask people what they want in life, most people will say they want to be happy. But achieving happiness is one of the hardest things imaginable. So how do you achieve it? What is it? Is it a matter of percepion?

This book really helped me open my eyes to the concept of happiness and how it’s different for everyone, and how by defining it in certain ways, we make it impossible to attain. It also focuses on good feelings, helping to produce those feelings, and finding an emotional balance. Postivie emotions bring positive occasions, and the other way around. If we look at life in a positive light, we’re more likely to end up in positive situations.

It’s a good book and people who seem like they can never “just” be happy, without worrying, without wanting more, should definitely read it.

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