Book Review: The Women Who Love Rome by London Tracy

Title: The Women Who Love Rome
Author: London Tracy
Genre: Contemporary Romance / Women’s Fiction
Age Group: Adult
Rating: 4 stars
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Rome is a rich, successful movie producer, accustomed to having his way; Thursday is sweet, naive, and eager to please. When the two ex-lovers cross paths, it’s love at first sight all over again.

After an explosive reunion, Thursday learns that Rome now shares his home with two ladyloves and has every intention of making her his newest conquest. Together, they embark on a daring, unorthodox living arrangement that pushes the boundaries of lust, love, and the forbidden.

The Women Who Love Rome is an unorthodox contemporary / erotic romance novel that pushes the boundaries of relationships and how we know them, in literature and in real life. Thursday runs back into her ex, Rome, a rich and successful movie producer. She still feels attracted toward him, and he feels the same towards her. The only problem? He’s already in a relationship.

He has two girlfriends already, and he wants to make her his third conquest. But will Thursday be able to cope with that, and with the complicated dynamics of being in a polyamorous relationship?

The book is at times hilarious, at times eye-opening. It’s an interesting book, that’s for sure, and fans of erotic / contemporary romance looking for something new, should give this book a try.

Teaser Tuesdays (69)


Teaser Tuesdays is a weekly meme hosted by The Purple Booker. In this meme, we grab our current read, open it to a random page and share two teaser sentences from somewhere on that page with our readers.

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Here is my teaser:

Dropping my hand, he frowns. “What does she think we were doing?”
Heat blooms in my cheeks. “I didn’t exactly provide all the gory details. I said we were friends. And she told me I shouldn’t let you be a distraction.”

~ p. 18 My Clueless Broken Heart by Jennifer DiGiovanni

What’s your teaser for this week?

Book Review: Thy Paintbrush to Abstracting Images

Title: Thy Paintbrush to Abstracting Images
Author: Shavonda Robinson
Genre: Poetry
Rating: 4 stars
Purchase: Amazon
Review copy provided by Enchanted Book Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

A collection of poems that will take readers on a constant journey by creating a world between an abundant imagination and reality based situations.

This poet has a way of waving her magic wand and putting up a persuasive point of view.

This poet also has super pen powers on the page with a creativity level that cannot be tamed and she will dazzle you with her captivating gift when it comes to connecting with others by using images and musicality to tell different poetic stories throughout the entire book.

In Thy Paintbrush to Abstracting Images, author Shavonda Robinson explores the world, through forms of poetry. The poems take readers on a journey, creating visions and images that sometimes seem to go even beyond imagination.

Some poems are short, others are longer, but all of them are unique and capture the essence of what they want to say. I had to read some of the poems out loud, they seemed to work better that way, and it helped me picture what the author meant.

When The Stars Go Blue was one of my favorite poems. I also enjoyed Lyrical Galaxy (I might have something for the sky / universe / stars) and Capturing Time. The collection of poem is varied, abstract, and well-written. I would recommend this book to all fans of poetry.

Book Tours: Starter Day Party A Daughter’s Curse

I’m hosting the starter day party today for the book tour for “A Daughter’s Curse”. The tour runs from April 24 to May 8.

Tour Schedule

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April 30th: Author Interview @ Books, Dreams, Life

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May 6th: Author Interview @ The Single Librarian

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About the Book

Title: A Daughter’s Curse

Author: C.J. Davidson

Genre: YA Fantasy

When Brisnay discovers that she is a part of a fantasy world and

meets Nickolaus, her miserable life takes a turn for the better. A world where anything is possible becomes her refuge and sparks fly between her and Nickolaus. Just when she thinks she knows everything about the realm she was thrust into, she uncovers shocking truths that rattle her to the core.
Betrayal. Hate. Envy. Deceit. Vengeance. Retribution. These are some of the things that Brisnay must face to fight a powerful, unknown enemy who is out to destroy her and strip her of the powers she’s rightfully inherited.
Brisnay realizes that she has no choice but to take a stand and must get revenge by fighting for the right to love.

A Daughter’s Curse: The Queen of Water’s Forbidden Love is a story of survival…and a forbidden love that will not be denied, despite all obstacles.

Author Bio

Today, I am married and have four children. Their names are Dluce, Marin, Carlos, and Isabella. I work as Branch Manager at a financial institution. I couldn’t be happier with what I have accomplished so far.

My next step is to somehow help those affected by domestic violence. What hurts the most, is when children are in the middle of it. It is my belief that no one should have to feel unsafe, living life on the edge, wondering when they are going to get hurt. Sleeping with one eye open is the worst feeling in the world. Fear that catches in your throat paralyzes your whole body. Living life like that hurts and it comes with consequences. I know.




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It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? (105)


It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? is a weekly meme hosted by BookDate. It’s where book bloggers gather to talk about what books they read and reviewed last week, what books they’re currently reading and what books they’re planning to read. This is a great way for me to plan my reading week, and to take a sneak peek at what others are reading.

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What are you planning to read this week?

Book Review: Redfern by G.D. Tinnams

Title: Redfern
Author: Gary Tinnams
Genre: Science Fiction
Rating: 4 stars
Purchase: Amazon
Review copy provided by Enchanted Book Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

“Humans don’t project past their own frequency. It’s why you’re so isolated as a species. The beings of other frequencies can only witness what you build and feel what you destroy.”

Earth – Tomorrow – The Singularity:-

The machines have taken over and mankind is cast out.

Millennia later, the inhospitable planet of Redfern is in the process of being made habitable for the proposed rebirth of the entire human race. All is proceeding as planned until Enforcer, Ted Holloway, witnesses the unexpected appearance of a long dead and former friend – A man who can become invisible and immaterial, a man that can penetrate any and all security.

A man whose very existence should be impossible.

As Ted and his superior, Lisa Carmichael, investigate further, they face dangers and creatures that challenge their very concept of reality and also encounter the colony’s caretaker Machine Mind and the human Security Commissioner, both of whom have opposing and intricate agendas of their own.

For the true nature of Redfern is stranger and more deadly than anything Holloway or Carmichael can possibly imagine.

And it could change or destroy humanity forever…

Redfern is an unique kind of book, one that offers an original plot, a solid setting and an intriguing cast of characters, all combined in one. Once I started reading, I couldn’t put it down.

The book takes place several millennia in the future. Machines have taken over, mankind was cast out. Now, the inhospitable planet Redfern is being made habitable for the proposed rebirth of the human race. All is going well, but then a security breach occurs – Terraform Control spotted an intruder in one of the domes, a ghostly man who can walk through the Terries. A man who Ted recognizes, although it’s impossible, far beyond impossible even.

Ted and his superior, Lisa Carmichael, investigate further, but the more they find out, the more danger they find themselves in, and the more secrets they uncover that could change just about anything.

Ted Holloway and Lisa Carmichael were both intriguing characters. Lisa in particular was witty, intelligent, and had a strong personality. All the characters were well developed, even the secondary ones like Jason and Shandra, and they all added to the plot.

I don’t want to spoil things, but this book went in directions I never saw coming, and continuously kept me on the edge of my seat.

Blog Tour: The Trophy Taker

About the book

He’s watching, waiting… and counting. The next gripping serial killer read in the DC ‘Charlie’ Stafford series, from the bestselling author of Mummy’s Favourite. Perfect for fans of Angela Marsons.

He keeps each one floating in formaldehyde to stop them from rotting. Each finger denotes a victim, tortured and butchered, their heart ripped out and discarded, replaced instead by symbols of their treachery. He sits alone admiring his trophies weekly; each and everyone of them guilty in his eyes. And now more must pay.

But who or what links the victims?

DC ‘Charlie’ Stafford is already investigating a series of escalating racist attacks and it now seems she has a vicious serial killer on her patch. With no leads and time running out, the team at Lambeth are at near breaking point.

Something has to give… and all the while he’s watching, waiting… and counting.


About the author

With a Metropolitan Police career spanning 35 years Sarah has spent her adulthood surrounded by victims, criminals and police officers. She continues to work and lives in London with her partner and has three older daughters.






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Book Review: Spoonful Chronicles by Elen Ghulam

Title: Spoonful Chronicles
Author: Elen Ghulam
Genre: Women’s Fiction
Age Group: Adult
Rating: 4 stars
Purchase: Amazon
Review copy provided by Enchanted Book Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

Thaniya Rasid grew up in the Middle East dreaming of becoming a surgeon. Now living an ordinary life as a mother, wife and a hospital lab tech in Vancouver, Canada, she garners unexpected fame as youTube’s Queen of Hummus when her video demonstrating the recipe goes viral. How could blending chickpeas in a food processor generate so much excitement? And how could her life have ended up so far away from all her expectations?

To make sense of the unlikely events that have brought her to this place, Thaniya turns to food, curating memorable eating experiences of her life, searching for clues. Between her childhood aversion to cucumbers, her search for an authentic Iraqi kubeh in the city of Jerusalem, her 10-year tomato wars with her husband Samih, a mood altering encounter with a blood pudding in Edinburgh, and a Kafkaesque nightmare involving a cauliflower, Thaniya unravels repeated patterns occurring in her life. The secrets of love, friendship and destiny hidden in her cauldron of mishmashed cultures begin to reveal themselves.

Between lust and disgust there is a thin line. Spoonful Chronicles is the beguiling story of one woman taking hold of her fate by uncovering the clandestine geography of this divide in her heart.

Spoonful Chronicles is the story of Thaniya Rasid, a woman who grew up in the Middle East and dreamt of becoming a surgeon. Now she lives an ordinary life – mother, wife, hospital lab tech, in Canada. Thaniya becomes rapidly famous when a Youtube video of her demonstrating a recipe goes viral. Thaniya wonders how one meaningless video about food could get so much excitement… And also about the strange twists her life has taken to make her end up her.

She goes on a trip down memory lane, revisiting past memories with connections to food, searching for clues to how food has helped shape her life. The book isn’t just about food, though, it’s about much more – about the different cultures Thaniya has been exposed to in her life, about life itself and all its up and downs, about childhood dreams and how far away from them we often end up, about happiness and how it can be found in the simplest things.

This is a book that will keep readers on the edge of their seat. Fans of women’s fiction will devour this one.

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Release Blitz Path of a Novice

About the Book

Title: Path of a Novice: The Silvan Book 1

Author: R.K. Lander

Genre: Fantasy

A land at war, a failing king, a light in the forest …

Bel’arán, land of mortals, immortals, and those that dwell in between. The elven forest realm of Ea Uaré is threatened by ruthless Sand Lords seeking water, and the undead Deviants who crave the mindless destruction of elves.

The powerful Alpine lords strive to dominate the leaderless native Silvans through power games, leaving in their wake a bereft king, assailed by grief and a family unable to forgive him.

As the king drifts in endless sorrow, the forest people are loosing their identity. Discriminated and belittled, they are the warriors but the Alpine lords are their commanders – until a child is born to the Deep Woods – an elf with the face of an Alpine and the heart of a Silvan, an orphan whose only dream is to dare become a Silvan captain in a world dominated by Alpines – Fel’annár, Green Sun.

A born warrior, to his friends, Fel’annár becomes Hwind’atór, the Whirling Warrior, and together, they will step upon the path of a novice.

Adventure, hardship and self-discovery will mould the warrior he will become. But destiny will not be ignored, and Fel’annár is confronted with the truth of his own abilities and the mystery of his past, one shrouded in sorrow and intrigue – one that may change the course of history.

From child to novice warrior and beyond, Fel’annár is, The Silvan.

Author Bio

R.K. Lander was born in the UK. Fantasy was always a central part of her life and soon began reading authors such as Arthur C. Clarke, Isaac Azimov, Ray Bradbury and J.R.R. Tolkien. Now living and working in Spain, Ruth runs her own business and writes as an independent author.

The Silvan is her first work, a YA epic fantasy trilogy revolving around the figure of a Silvan elf, Fel’annar. The first in the series, Path of a Novice is available for pre-order, and the second, Road of a Warrior, is approaching the editing stage.





Twitter: @rklwrites


Teaser Tuesdays (68)


Teaser Tuesdays is a weekly meme hosted by The Purple Booker. In this meme, we grab our current read, open it to a random page and share two teaser sentences from somewhere on that page with our readers.

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Here is my teaser:

“Wait, Sadie,” Jana raises her hand, as if asking permission to speak. “If we get top billing on the sign, everyone riding by school will associate us with a flesh-eating plant.”
“Good point. But, if we take the plant role, will it count for our…thing?”
Jana’s head bobs up and down. “Leslie said the show cannot go on without us. Sounds like a fantastic achievement to me.”
“Okay, I’m in. But I want to be a sexy plant. With some green sequins or something.”

~ p. 63 My Senior Year of Awesome by Jennifer DiGiovanni

What’s your teaser for this week?