Book Review: A Daughter’s Curse

Title: A Daughter’s Curse
Author: C.J. Davidson
Genre: YA Fantasy
Age Group: Young Adult
Rating: 4 stars
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When Brisnay discovers that she is a part of a fantasy world and meets Nickolaus, her miserable life takes a turn for the better. A world where anything is possible becomes her refuge and sparks fly between her and Nickolaus. Just when she thinks she knows everything about the realm she was thrust into, she uncovers shocking truths that rattle her to the core.
Betrayal. Hate. Envy. Deceit. Vengeance. Retribution. These are some of the things that Brisnay must face to fight a powerful, unknown enemy who is out to destroy her and strip her of the powers she’s rightfully inherited.
Brisnay realizes that she has no choice but to take a stand and must get revenge by fighting for the right to love.

A Daughter’s Curse: The Queen of Water’s Forbidden Love is a story of survival…and a forbidden love that will not be denied, despite all obstacles.

A Daughter’s Curse is an intriguing fantasy novel, about Brisnay, a young woman who leads quite the miserable life, until she meets Nickolaus. He introduces her to a world where everything is possible, and to a love she never thought she could feel. But when she begins to hope about a better future, some shocking truths turn everything she thought she knew upside down.

Brisnay has to fight an enemy who is determined to destroy her. If she wants to be able to love freely, she’ll have to fight for it, and for everything she holds dear.

The plot never slows down. The world building was outstanding, and the author did a great job creating realistic, believable characters, in particular Brisnay. The plot had a lot of unexpected surprises and overall, this was an entertaining, intriguing read.

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