Book Review: The Brain Show by Zeev Nitsan

Title: The Brain Show
Author: Dr. Zeev Nitsa
Genre: Nonfiction
Age Group: Adult
Rating: 4 stars
Purchase: Amazon
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A wild journey into your brain

Behind the Scenes of the Brain Show offers far-reaching insight into the human brain, packed with fascinating insight from the fields of science, philosophy, history and literature. This important volume showcases your brain’s development, from the embryonic phase until old-age, while describing the changes the brain goes through in all of its emotional and social states, such as love, depression, joy, concentration, sleep and dream.

Understand your mind

  • What are dreams made of?
  • How are memories formed and preserved, and how can we improve our memory?
  • How is a thought born and materialized?
  • What is the duration of a thought-beat and how much electricity does it consume?
  • How does your spouse affect your brain and how does your offspring change it?
  • How do thoughts jump from one brain to another and why do some thoughts go ‘viral’, and spread to numerous brains?

Get the answers to these questions and improve your understanding of yourself. Gain surprising and practical insights that will impact your daily life. Get to know the patterns of your brain activity to illuminate and control hidden elements in your life and potential.

The Brain Show is an extraordinary book. It’s quite long, but it didn’t feel that long while I was reading it. It talkes about the human brain (duh) and what goes on in our brain while we live our ordinary, day-to-day lives. Things like how memories are formed, why we dream and how that happens, how the brain changes over time and how people can influence your brain.

The subject matter is complex (our brains are complex things after all) but the author conveys all this information in a straightforward, down-to-earth style. The chapters all focus on different aspects of the brain, and covers a long list of subjects related to the brain, even talking about brain injuries and the effect they have on people.

This is an intriguing book and anyone who has ever wanted to learn more about how our brain works, should definitely read it.

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