Book Review: Blood Moon by Nancy Gray

Title: Blood Moon
Author: Nancy Gray
Genre: YA Fantasy
Age Group: Young Adult
Rating: 4,5 stars
Purchase: Amazon
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Mercy finds herself on a ship bound for the Ashen capital with her companions. But things don’t go smoothly there after Mercy, Mirilee, and Erebus decide to sneak ashore to take part in a festival. They get more than they counted on when they witness a public execution of Sylvan Islanders and Mercy is captured after being mistaken for a Sylvan spy!

Dark and sinister secrets are revealed on their perilous journey. Erebus is forced to confront his inner demon, while Mercy discovers a demon of her own. In the midst of it all, Mirilee has a dark vision of the war they are trying to prevent.

What will become of Mercy and her friends?

Blood Moon, the sequel to Blood Rain, is even more exciting than the first book in the series. The cover art really blends in well with the art on the first book too. I’ve grown to like Mercy even more throughout this book than I already did in the first, and the author does a phenomenal job expanding on the world she established back in book one.

Mercy is on a ship bound for the Ashen capital. Mercy, Mirilee and Erebus sneak ashore to go to a festival, but things go wrong lightning fast when they witness a public execution and Mercy is captured.

I really enjoy the dynamics and interactions between the characters, in particular Mercy, Mirilee and Erebus. Each of them will be forced to confront some inner demons along the way, and fight their own battles to grow stronger. I don’t want to give away too much of the story since it’s a sequel, but I was suprised by some of the plot twists, in a good way.

Recommended to fans of YA fantasy series.

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