Book Review and Giveaway City of Ghosts

Title: City of Ghosts
Author: J.H. Moncrieff
Genre: Supernatural Suspense
Rating: 4 stars
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On the day the villagers were forced to flee Hensu, not everyone got out alive.

Jackson Stone is touring the abandoned Chinese city when he slips away from the group to spend the night, determined to publish an account of his ghostly experiences there.

Then he meets Yuèhai, a strange, soft-spoken woman who can tell him the city’s secrets—secrets the Chinese government would kill to keep hidden.

As Jackson uncovers the truth about Yuèhai and the ghost city, he’s drawn into a web of conspiracy, betrayal, and murder. He must risk everything to save himself and bring honor back to Yuèhai and her family.

City of Ghosts in the first book in the GhostWriters series by J.H. Moncrieff. It’s a supernatural suspense featuring ghosts, conspiracies and murder. The setting and characters were very intriguing and I felt immersed in the world of this series almost right away.

Jackson Stone is touring the abandoned Chinese city Hensu when he slips away form the group, determined to spend the night and then record his ghostly experiene. He meets Yuèhai, a woman who can tell him all about the city’s secrets. But the more Jackson uncovers, the more he finds himself at risk, with betrayal waiting around every corner. From the moment Jackson runs away from the group, the atmosphere becomes eerie and unsettling.

Jackson is a flawed individual but I liked him that way, the flaws made him seem more realistic to me. The setting was great, I loved getting to know the Chinese culture as I’m not all that familiar with it. I also enjoyed getting to know more about the way they see ghosts, and some of their ghostly legends and tales.

This is a chilling ghost story in an unique setting with engaging characters and excellent writing. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys paranormal mysteries, and I look forward to the second book.

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