Book Review: Dirty by R.L Kenderson

Title: Dirty
Author: R.L. Kenderson
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Age Group: Adult
Rating: 4 stars
Purchase: Amazon
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He’s a player. She’s too smart to let him in her pants. Until a night of drunken sex has her kicking herself and vowing she’ll never let it happen again. Or will she?

Elise Phillips returns home due to her father’s illness and doesn’t expect to run into an old acquaintance from college. Luke was a player back then and seems to be a player now, and Elise had always prided herself on not being another notch on his bedpost. But when a few rounds of pool and a couple of shots lead to one night of hot sex, Elise knows that it can never happen again.

Luke Long has always thought of Elise as the pretty girl that was friends with his roommate’s girlfriend, but now she’s all grown up. When their night of passion rocks Luke’s world he knows he must have her again.

The two enter a friends-with-benefits relationship with the agreement that they’re just going to have fun. But when Elise sees a side of Luke she didn’t know existed, she finds herself falling in love, without realizing there’s a side to her that could ruin it all.

Dirty is the first contemporary romance from paranormal romance author R.L. Kenderson. If you like laughing out loud, sexy book boyfriends, playful couples, and dirty, dirty sex, then you’ll love this fun contemporary romance.

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Dirty is a thrilling, exciting contemporary romance. Back in college, Elise Phillips vowed to never let Luke Long, one of the campus’s most notorious players, in her pants.

When she returns home due to her father’s illness and she runs into  an old acquintance from college – Luke – he doesn’t seem to have changed one bit. She’s still wary and refuses to get dragged into his little games, until a few rounds of pool and a couple of shots lead to one night of hot sex.

Their one night of passion means a lot more to Luke than he thought possible. He knows he must have her again… But he’s not ready to commit, and neither is Elise, who is afraid he’s just in it for fun and nothing more. Despite their worries, both of them keep coming back for more, and they enter into a friends with benefits relationship.

Despite Elise’s vow to just keep things light and sexy, and that she just wants to have fun, when she discovers a side of Luke she didn’t know existed, she starts falling for him. And Luke might just fall ofr her too…

Elise and Luke have so MUCH chemistry between them, it’s amazing. All of their scenes are hot, hot, hot… And sometimes funny too. This mix of hot, funny and sexy, gives the book a light summer feel, making it a great summer read, the kind of book you can read on the beach or while chilling at the pool. Luke is so flirty and sexy, it’s a miracle Elise can resist him for so long.

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