Book Review: Lusting for Lei by A.J. Wright

Title: Lusting for Lei
Author: A.J. Wright
Genre: LGBT erotic romance
Age Group: Adult
Rating: 4 stars
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Deep in France, is Louis a young, handsome prince who will soon be crowned as king and is Engaged to Penelope, who is the daughter of a Duke and a beauty herself. With both parents dead and gone, Louis has isolated his feelings and hates the idea of being king because he believes he won’t have the time to help people. His feelings are awaken, when he meets Lei. A Korean male who was fleeing the war in his own country with his wife and young son. Lei and his wife, Chun was stealing from the castle in order to feed there son and now are sentence to be slaves to Louis. Louis opens his heart up to the family and soon him and Lei develop a friendship. When friendship becomes a passionate love between two people who are star-cross lovers problems arise. Lei feels guilt for betraying his family and Louis feels pressure from his crown and Penelope. Both have to choose between there love or a life without each other. Will love be there regret?

In Lusting for Lei, Louis is a young, handsome prince who will soon be crowned king. However, he hates the idea of being king, and he’s distanced himself emotionally from everyone. However, when a Korean male fleeing the war in his own country, named Lee, arrives with his wife and young son, this will mark a change for Louis.

Lei and his wife are caught stealing from the palace, and as sentence they’ve become slaves to Louis. However, Louis chooses to open up his heart to the family, and he and Lei become friends. That friendship however soon turns into something more… But the love they have is forbidden, and they both feel like they’re betraying their family and duties. However, can they choose to live without each other?

The story was well written and the character’s behaviors, despite the story being fiction, were realistic. I preferred Louis, I really liked his personality and how he was driven to do good, and do good ofr his people too. The romance was realistic and the obstacles they faced were very real. I could really feel Louis’s struggle, and his feelings seemed very genuine. The book also had some hot, passionate scenes that were extraordinarly well written too.

Fans of LGBT erotic romance should give this book a try. It’s a fast read, and delivers memorable characters and an exciting plot.

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