Book Review: The Dreadful Tango in Paris by Charles Z. David

Title: The Dreadful Tango in Paris
Author: Charles Z. David
Genre: Thriller, Technothriller
Age Group: Adult
Rating: 5 stars
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What happens when a leading professor teams up with the forces of evil?

Le Docteur is a French professor who establishes ties with Al Qaeda and ISIS. He seeks to establish a new Islamist world order by causing chaos on the planet. Out of his fierce hatred of the West, he establishes NEMESIS, a terrorist organization that acts against communists, colonialists, Christians, and Jews. Le Docteur leads conventional and non-conventional terrorist activities throughout Europe, intending to cause international alarm.

A series of bizarre terrorist attacks creates general panic.

A mysterious crash of a Russian passenger plane occurred for unexplained reasons. A sinister substance in Madrid turns nonviolent bacteria into pathogenic form, causing injuries and death. People are afraid to fly or even to go out and have a good time, dampening the economy, culture, and political activity and strengthening the extremest right wing. Then enriched uranium from the reactor of an icebreaker ship disappears from Russia and arrives in Britain prior to a planned meeting between the Israeli and British Prime Ministers.

Can the Mossad and the French Foreign Service stop the terrorists and save the day?

David Avivi, a senior Mossad official is called in to assist Claire Barthez, a senior French Foreign Service officer in pursuit of the terrorist ring. But can Le Docteur and his associates be found and stopped before they go underground or flee?

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In The Dreadful Tango in Paris, Le Docteur is a French professor who seeks to establish a new Islamist world order. He has ties to Al Queda and ISIS, and basically any bad organization you can think of. He establishes NEMESIS, his own terrorist organization that strikes out against virtually anything: communists, Christians, Jews, capitalists. His number one goal is to cause international alarm, and he quickly succeeds in this evil plot.

People grow afraid as Le Docteur’s tactics grow increasingly worse, from crashing a Russian passenger plane to releasing bacteria that can cause injuries and death. With the public terrified, it’s up to David Avivi, a senior Mossad official, and Claire Barthez, a senior French Foreign Service officer, to pursue Le Docteur and his terrorist allies, and stop them, once and for all.

This was a nail-biting, suspenseful thriller that kept me on the edge of my seat. Unfortunately, the plot is all too realistic; in today’s era of mutual hatred between just about anyone and any group of people, it seems only a matter of time before the evil predicament that is at the core of this book, of one man willing to destroy hundreds, becomes reality. However, although the concept is very realistic and that makes it terrifying, it also adds to the integrity of the book, and makes me cheer for the author who was brave enough to take on this subject.

The details are amazing, and the writing is top-notch. Once I started, I couldn’t stop reading, and although the prospect is quite terrifying, it does make for an exciting, riveting thriller.

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