Book Review: Our Start-Up by Dov Reichman

Title: Our Start-Up
Author: Dov Reichman
Genre: Coming of Age, Young Adult
Rating: 5 stars
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Review copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Nir has a great idea. But will it work?
Middle school student, Nir Carmelli, dreams of conquering the world with his idea for an innovative new product. Although aware of the difficulties, Nir decides to advance the idea, even if it does not become a product or profitable business. Group members of the start-up are required to show daring, original thought, and creativity. They meet industrialists from Japan, investors from America, as well as scientists and professionals from a range of fields working in the field of high tech.
Not only off the ground… but soaring!
His classmate, Anna, gets involved in the project, creating a friendship between the two and even first love. Together, the young inventors learn many practical lessons about what it takes to develop a successful start-up. Their story, written in a contemporary style, is full of humour as it navigates the ups and downs between success and failure and introduces the reader to the challenging world of business.

In Our Start-Up, middle school student Nir Carmelli has a bright, innovative idea for a new product. Although he’s aware of the difficulties, Nir advances the idea by creating a start-up for his project. Along with Anna, a classmate of his who also gets involved in the project, the two young investors learn a great deal about the practicalities of starting a business and trying to launch a product.

There’s ups and downs, but what shines through the most is these youngster’s creativity and bravery as they face the challenges head-on.

This is a daring book for young entrepreneurs. It’s not just about business and start-ups, though, it’s also about growing up, about facing challenges, and about first loves. The story has useful lessons, but they’re tied in with humor and creativity. In that way, the book is never boring and doesn’t just read like a manual or guide, but like an actual story.

Recommended to middle schoolers and young adults, and basically to anyone who’s ever wanted his or her own start-up.

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