Book Review: Seven Threads by Jason Atkinson

Title: Seven Threads
Author: Jason Atkinson
Genre: Short Story Collection
Rating: 4 stars
Purchase: Amazon
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Seven Threads is a book of 7 short stories full of twists and turns. A girl on the run, a man accused of murder, a homeless man who finds his way, and much more. While each story is unique, they all offer the same human compassion that is sometimes lacking in today’s world. The reader is sure to find each story a page turner full of emotions, and left wanting more!

Seven Threads by Jason Atkinson is a collection of 7 short stories. The stories are different genres and feature unique, different characters but they all deal with a common topic: human compassion (which may or may not be lacking in the stories). One of the stories is about a man murdering his friend. Another deals with a homeless man trying to find his way. A girl running away on a train. A man saying his goodbyes to a relative.

All the stories are different but they do connect in a way, through the common theme of humanity and compassion. The stories are of decent quality, and although I preferred some over others, there weren’t any that I didn’t like at all; they were all quite enjoyable.

Fans of short stories should give this collection a shot.

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