Book Spotlight: But My Soul Is Black

But My Soul is Black, takes a candid look at interracial romance and the human experience. The book reveals the cultural misperceptions that harm us, and the love that heals us.

ISBN-10: 150069312X

ISBN-13: 978-1500693121


Bobby has high hopes for his new life in Detroit, and he will not, under any circumstances, blow his chances by messing up a prime job opportunity at his uncle’s construction company. But his first meeting with his mentor, African American foreman Jimbo, turns out even worse than expected when it becomes apparent that Bobby is learning the ropes to become Jimbo’s boss.

As Bobby tries to navigate Jimbo’s understandable resentment, he must also wrestle with the misperceptions of Black culture that his Caucasian family has passed on to him. Eventually, the two men become friends as Jimbo recognizes that Bobby doesn’t hold the prejudices of his uncle.

But just as things start to smooth out, Jimbo introduces Bobby to the kind, clever, and stunning Karen—Jimbo’s favorite woman to string along. Confused by his strong feelings for this intriguing woman and frustrated with Jimbo’s flippant treatment of her, Bobby struggles with whether to pursue Karen…at the cost of ending his newfound friendship with Jimbo and sabotaging his future.

Taking a candid look at interracial romance and the human experience, …But My Soul is Black reveals the cultural misperceptions that harm us—and the love that heals us.

About The Author

Terrell Williams began life as the 2nd eldest son of 9 children (4 girls and 5 boys) and was reared in less than affluent circumstances. The second in his immediate family to graduate from college, he went on to marry a wonderful woman, and who eventually became the proud parents of 4 children (3 girls and 1 son who is also his namesake).

Mr. Williams enjoys reading and writing poetry, and he has written several plays that have been performed and were well received in Texas. The idea for his debut novel, But my Soul Is Black, lay dormant for many years until Mr. Williams finally finished the novel upon his retirement, fulfilling his dream of becoming a published author. His romantic tale tackles controversial topics such as interracial relationships, generational differences of conceptual thinking about life and love. This novel seeks to remind the readers of the interconnectedness we share as humans, as well as showing that truly, love transcends all!

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Author Interview

1) The main characters in the book are Karen, Bobby, Jimbo and Uncle Fred.
+Bobby is the young man of Anglo decent who hopes to use his family status as nephew of Uncle Fred Selinski, to get a prominent position in his uncle’s company.
+Jimbo is the stalwart, strong, handsome and demanding foreman of Uncle Fred’s construction company and the long time dating friend of Karen.
+Karen is the beautiful, vivacious, loving career lady who originally had the heart and full attention from Jimbo, but who later became the primary object of attention of both Jimbo and Bobby.
+Uncle Fred is the owner of the construction company that both Jimbo and Bobby work for, and who tries to exert significant influence on his nephew, Bobby.

2) What is the conflict in the story?
*Through many situations and unthinkable twists of fate, Jimbo and Bobby become best friends only later due to unplanned betrayal become the worst of enemies.

*How can you allow yourself to experience forbidden love, understanding the price you may have to pay, that will change your life forever and turn friends into enemies and
fill your life with turmoil?

3) What character am I most like?
*I think I would identify to a great extent with the decision making ability of Bobby. I believe I would pursue the love of my life, regardless of the consequence to me and
unfortunately, even if it cost me the friendship of someone that was very important to me.

4) Bobby has an opportunity when he was hired by his Uncle Fred, to use this as leverage to use what could be called “privilege” to move up in the company. He chose to go the hard way, learn each job from the ground up, and attempt to gain the respect from those who would eventually work for him. Nobody likes him. Should he abandon this strategy since? people don’t seem to be “thankful” that he is not using his advantage?

Karen has loved Jimbo forever, though Jimbo has taken her love for granted. Someone who does not look like her, who was the best friend of Jimbo, asks for her love. This guy asks her, “Please don’t look at me as a white boy. I just ask that you give me the same opportunity, you would give a black guy who would fall in love with you”. Should she or shouldn’t she? Her inner self is agonizing. What will be her decision?

5) These characters are not from the portrayal of real people, but some of the situations I have witnessed.

6) Each character in 3 words
Uncle Fred – Boss, dominant, rich
Jimbo – strong, handsome, vain
Karen – beautiful, thoughtful, competent
Bobby – Determined, perceptive, caring

7) If your book was made into a movie, who would play your main characters?
Bobby – Matthew McConaughey
Jimbo – Denzel Washington
Karen – Halle Berry
Uncle Fred – Williams Shatner

8) My lead characters have “baggage” that keeps them from wanting to pursue a new relationship. Do you think that sometimes we let our past get in the way of what God has planned for us.

Our past opinions and preferences many times dictate the decisions we make. Being challenged to go against traditional beliefs is unchartered territory for many of us, it is
uncomfortable and for many of us, terrifying. We must summon deep seated courage to allow us to make uncomfortable and non-traditional choices. However, in so doing, we gain the strength of purpose in our lives.


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