Book Review Life in a Box

Title: Life in A Box
Author: Einat Lifshitz Shem-Tov
Genre: Mystery, Thriller
Rating: 4 stars
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Review copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

What if you found out your entire life was a lie?

One dark and rainy night, Eva, a young girl, receives the traumatic message that both her parents have died in a car crash. With no relatives, Eva is compelled to learn how to live on her own. But in the days that follow the accident, strange incidents begin to occur: she receives an odd phone call, a mysterious document is found in the pantry and a check is delivered by mail addressed to a person she does not know.

The two men in Eva’s life guide her along a mysterious path of discovery

With the help of her high school friend, Roy, she opens the sealed boxes of her life and embarks on a fascinating journey. She meets another young man who holds a secret that will influence her forever. He falls in love with her and leads her into a world she could not have known to exist.

But at what price the pursuit of truth?

From a quiet and insecure girl, Eva becomes an independent, confident, and assertive woman. Along with the two men in her life, she uncovers the most hidden and unimaginable secrets about her family and herself. But is she willing to pay any price to pursue the truth?

Life in a Box was far from what I expected it to be, but I didn’t like it any less because of that. Eva, a young girl, receives traumatic news on a dark and rainy night: both her parents died in a car crash. With no relatives left to take care of her, Eva has to learn how to live on her own. After the accident, however, strange incidents begin to occur. Odd phone calls, mysterious documents, a check delivered by a person she doesn’t know… Aided by her high school friend, Roy, she begins to explore the secrets of her past, and the key to who she truly is, who her family is, and the truth that’s been hidden for so long.

I thought the book would be a ghost story at first, and I absolutely love ghost stories. With the odd phone calls, mysterious documents, I really expected it to go into that direction. It didn’t, and at first, I was a little dissapointed but then I realized this was actually a good thing. I actually preferred the thriller / mystery elements over the rest of the story. I mean, there’s also some romance and it wasn’t bad, I liked it and it added tension and drama, but I liked the mystery elements a lot more.

Eva is an interesting character, and I enjoyed watching her grow and become less insecure, and more confident. An entertaining read for fans of mysteries and thrillers.

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