Book Review: Roller Coaster in Tehran by Y.I. Latz

Title: Roller Coaster in Tehran
Author: Y.I. Latz
Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Adventure
Age Group: Adult
Rating: 4 stars
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Review copy provided by the publihser in exchange for an honest review.

Imagine being sent to spy on your country’s worst enemy!
Dr. Amalia Tavori is a mother of three and an expert rollercoaster engineer with a short fuse and an insatiable appetite for adventure. She is forced to join the Israeli Mossad to save her husband from economic collapse. Amalia is sent under false identity to Tehran, the capital of Israel’s worst enemy, to help the Iranians build a grandiose amusement park.
Every day could be Amalia’s last!
Roller Coaster in Tehran reveals an intimate picture of the exceedingly dangerous daily life of an Israeli spy in Tehran. Amalia knows no boundaries and has no shame. She fools both her enemies and her operators from the Mossad, working out of her own deep inner convictions.
Can Amalia complete her mission without losing her life?
When a grave disaster befalls her family in Israel, it becomes even more difficult for her to perform her secret mission. This book redefines the concepts of loyalty, betrayal, enemies, and compassion. The image of an ordinary woman emerges – one who yearns for true love but who has been forced to become larger than life itself. She is prepared to sacrifice herself for her country, but not to sacrifice her life for an existence without love.

In Roller Coaster in Tehran, Dr. Amalia Tavori is a mother of three, and a rollercoaster engineer living in Israel. Under false identity, she’s sent to Tehran, the capital of Israel’s worst enemy, Iran, to help the Iranians build an amusement park. She’s a spy for Israel, though, and her life is constantly threatened from all sides – not just from her enmeies in Iran, but she has to look out for her fellow operators in the Mossad too.

When a grave disaster befalls her family in Israel, Amalia struggles more than ever to perform her secret mission. She has to decide what she’s willing to sacrifice for her country, and which sacrifice would be one step too far.

The story is thrilling yet chilling too – the choices Amalia has to make aren’t always easy, and I definitely wouldn’t want to be in her shoes. I thought it was an original twist that Amalia was a rollercoaster engineer, I’ve never seen that before in a book, and it sounds like a fun job. Amalia is an unique, fleshed-out, three-dimensional character. Her choices and struggles seem realistic. The plot is thrilling and fast-paced, and very engaging.

Fans of thrillers and spy novels will definitely enjoy this book.

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