Book Review: Joy & Survival (From Siberia with Love #1) by Ilana Cohen

Title: Joy & Survival (From Siberia with Love #1)
Author: Ilana Cohen
Genre: Action, Adventure, Travel
Rating: 3 stars
Purchase: Amazon
Review copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Edith falls for a man from the other side of the world. The impulse and passion he has brought to her world will turn her life upside down.

After Edith’s husband dies, she invests herself in her day job at the bank when, one day, she is paid a visit by a handsome, mysterious man who will change her life forever.

Alex, a charismatic and brilliant scientist of Russian origin, immediately dazzles Edith with his wealth, achievements and style. She listens attentively as he narrates the memories of his childhood in Siberia – a previous life in a distant world, hard to imagine and impossible to ignore. Edith is blinded by his shimmering presence, but Alex is married.

An invisible thread connects the two strangers who have been brought together by destiny – but for what cause?

In Alex, she finds an escape from reality – into the distant and foreign landscapes of alienated and frozen nature. It is within this distant, almost imaginary landscape that she is able to find herself, for the very first time. Within the stories of this perfect stranger, who has grown in the other side of the world, Edith finds a familiarity and a precious sense of belonging. What will she be willing to risk for this frozen love?

An exciting novel about untainted love, sweeping emotions, faith and passion that will sweep you off your feet.

I first read Mystery & Survival (the second book in the series) before I read Joy & Survival. I do recommend starting with the first book, as it will all make more sense that way. However, I still enjoyed book two without having read book one first – but now I’ve read the first book, I enjoyed the series even more.

Anyway, on to the story. After the death of her husband, Edith dedicated herself to her work. She doesn’t know what else to do, and she’s not really interested in dating anyone. That is, until she meets Alex.

Alex is a brilliant scientist of Russian origin. He’s charming and enigmatic, extremely wealthy, and also very confident. He seems like the perfect catch. One problem, though. Alex is already married.

As Alex shares his story of his childhood growing up in Siberia with Edith, a near stranger, the two of them form a connection that might prove unbreakable.

Edith is a tough character to like, first because she falls for a married man, but also because she’s very naive. However, that part of her is also endaring, and it made me feel sorry for her more than anything. The back stories of both main characters were fleshed out and interesting, and I liked that, it gave them dimension and personality.

Having already read the second book, I knew a little of what to expect, but I was still pleasantly surprised at times.


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