Book Review: Until Sweet Death Arrives

Title: Until Sweet Death Arrives
Author: Amnon Binyamini
Genre: Mystery, Thriller
Rating: 4,5 stars
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Review copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Nahum puts his life on the line to fight the evil of corruption

Nahum Patterson, happily married to Edna, is a talented journalist who investigates and then exposes corruption cases in the newspaper. His professionalism is well appreciated, except by those whose reputation he has destroyed. One man, hurt by Nahum’s story, had to flee the country; another was sentenced to prison and became vengefully bitter. Although he knows he is in a dangerous profession, Nahum is on top of the world.

His memory slowly and tragically slips away, but his enemies remember him!

But one day Nahum finds himself lost and cannot find his car. How did it get to the beach? Slowly he becomes more and more confused and cannot recognize his close friends and acquaintances. He becomes nervous and depressed. Edna does not understand why he begins to call her “mother.” Nahum forgets almost everything, but the enemies he had made when he had been healthy did not forget him. And one enemy in particular in this intriguing thriller was not willing to forgive…

An amazing thriller that portrays the agonizing world of Alzheimer’s disease

Binyamini leads the reader into an intriguing thriller, from the first page to the last. But in addition to being a fascinating read, this book teaches us about the anguish of Alzheimer’s disease and how to deal with it. We feel pain and compassion, yet are fascinated by the drama and amazed by the unexpected ending.

In Until Sweet Death Arrives, main character Nahum Patterson is a talented journalist whose professionalism is well regarded by just about anyone… Except the people whose reputation he has destroyed. While Nahum reckons the dangers of his profession, he doesn’t actually believe anything will happen to him, or any of the people he’s helped bring down will take revenge on him.

But one day, he’s lost and can’t find his car. He doesn’t even recognize his friends anymore. He doesn’t even remember his wife, Edna. Unfortunately for Nahum, the people he’s starting to forget, especially the corrupt enemies he once brought down, haven’t forgotten about him at all…

The book handles the theme of mental illness well, and does so in a respectful yet tragic way, showing how horrible it truly is, and how it weakens people, cripples them. In this case, Nahum struggles with Alzheimer’s disease, and it destroys his memories one by one. It’s horrible to read, and saddening too considering he’s still in the prime of his life.

The thriller aspect worked well too, and overall, the book kept me on the edge of my seat for the majority of the time. Excellent writing and intriguing characters complete the picture.


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