Book Tours: Starter Day Party Killers, Traitors & Runaways

I’m hosting the starter day party today for the book tour for cosmic fantasy “Killers, Traitors & Runaways”.

Tour Schedule

October 16th: Starter Day Party @ I Heart Reading

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October 18th: Book Excerpt @ Bookish Madness

October 20th: Promo Post @ I’m an Eclectic Reader

October 22nd: Book Excerpt @ T’s Stuff

October 24th: Promo Post @ Cassidy Crimson’s Blog

October 26th: Book Review @ I Heart Reading

October 28th: Book Excerpt @ Indy Book Fairy

October 30th: Author Interview @ The Single Librarian

November 2nd: Book Excerpt @ Silver Dagger Scriptorium

November 4th: Guest Post @ Editor Charlene’s Blog

November 6th: Book Review @ The Single Librarian

November 8th: Book Excerpt @ Nesie’s Place

November 10th: Author Interview @ Majanka’s Blog

November 12th: Promo Post @ Lisa Queen of Random

November 15th: Book Excerpt @ Tome Tender’s Blog

November 19th: Author Interview @ Books are Forever

November 20th: Book Review @ Books are Forever

November 23rd: Promo Post @ Books, Dreams, Life

November 25th: Character Interview and Book Review @ The Book Daily

November 27th: Book Excerpt @ The Resistance

November 30th: Author Interview @ Bedazzled Reading

December 3rd: Book Excerpt @ Just Books

December 8th: Book Excerpt @ Hollow Readers

December 11th: Author Interview @ Nesie’s Place

December 12th: Book Excerpt @ JB Bookworms

December 16th: Book Review @ Bedazzled Reading

About the Book

Title: Killers, Traitors & Runaways (Outcasts of the World II)

Author: Lucas Aubrey Paynter

Genre: Cosmic Fantasy

As reality nears its final days, worlds fall to ruin. A benevolent god is shackled, and when freed, will create a new one … allowing only the pure of heart. A company of seven have united on a bloody quest to stop him, but have little hope of emerging victorious.

The outcasts are adrift—they have a mission but no means to fulfill it. Airia Rousow, the fallen goddess who set them on their path, is gone. Guardian Poe, her intended successor, believes deification will absolve him of his sins and his remorse alike. And Zella Renivar, daughter of the Living God, is still hunted by her father’s agents, drawing danger on them all.

Trapped in this storm, Flynn is able to find and open the ways between worlds, but cannot discern which path is the right one. Since losing the trust of his closest friend, the temptation to fall back on his former, deceitful ways grows with every crisis he faces.

These are heroes not of virtue, but of circumstance—and it will fall on Flynn to keep them all together.

Author Bio

Lucas Aubrey Paynter hails from the mythical land of Burbank, California, where there are most likely no other writers at all.

Back in 2014, he published Outcasts of the Worlds, and he’s now releasing its follow-up, Killers, Traitors, & Runaways.

A fan of gray-area storytelling and often a devil’s advocate, Lucas enjoys consuming stories from a variety of mediums, believing there’s no limit to what form a good narrative can take.




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