Book Review: Young Harry: The Scroll of Spera (Refuge City Book 2)

Title: Young Harry: The Scroll of Spera (Refuge City Book 2)
Author: Amos Castel el Halili
Genre: Historical Fixction, Psychological, Fantasy
Rating: 4 stars
Purchase: Amazon
Review copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Can the brave able women — Mary, Zilpa, Constanze, Ayse and Spera — overcome desperate circumstances, bigotry, potentates and the conspiracies of privileged tycoons’?

In this thrilling psychological-historical suspense fantasy American, Ottoman, Armenian, Arab, and Jewish heroes are entangled in a web attempting to create an alternate reality. Can America overcome the Oil-Nordic-supremacy conspiracy? Can the USA sustain its leading position in high speed rail-based mobility? Can ex-southerners, Mary and Zilpa (an emancipated slave) manage to maintain “refugee integration hamlets” for women surviving persecution?

Will Young Harry, “salvage the house of Jacob?”

Mary’s bright son, a tormented soul, is crushed by his distant deviant father and elated by his African-American “brother.” The reader is captured in the continuous effort to search, discover, and reconcile the heroes’ unresolved, deviant identities. While Armenians and Christians are jihadised, Kurds and Arabs oppressed, and Jews banned from entering their ancestral land, will moderates survive to transform an Islam-centric empire into an egalitarian “United Ottoman States?”

Can endangered Armenians and Jews be saved in exterritorial refuge cities?

Spera, a Jewish teen, struggles to survive a soul-wrecking encounter with the ghost of her sister, raped and murdered by nationalist hoodlums, in a “prelude to the Holocaust” that took place during the Russian Civil War.

In this unique book about heroes from several different countries and cultures, an alternate reality is created, that is different from our own yet eerily similar. Wars, immigration, revoloution, racism, genocide, it’s all still there yet in a different setting, facing different people now.

The story is imaginative yet also filled with critique on the current world view and the way the world works nowadays, what it means to be brave, and some of the courageous decisions these people have to make.

A complex, unique yet compelling story about survival and courage.


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