Book Review and Giveaway Saved by H.L. Anderson

Title: Saved
Author: H.L. Anderson
Genre: Romantic Thriller
Age Group: Adult
Rating: 4 stars
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Theresa Kent is a wife, mom, and hardworking nurse living in rural Colorado. Life is good until her increasingly despondent, unemployed husband suddenly snaps—his vicious attack leaves Theresa fighting for her life as she tries to escape the insane version of the man she loves.

Ryan Tucker appears to have it all, except he’s been merely existing, not living, for the the last three years. His emotions get a much needed jump start when he rescues Theresa from the torment her life has become in just a matter of days. Ryan feels an instant and fierce desire to protect this stranger that fell into his life.

Hanging over their heads is the knowledge that Theresa’s husband is still out there, hunting for her.

Can two broken souls be repaired, or will the demons of the past and present come between the repressed love that grows between them?

In Saved, two strangers find each other in an unexpected, almost miraculou way. Theresa Kent is a wife, mother and hardworking nurse living in rural Colorado. Her life is pretty good, until her husband suddenly snaps and attacks her horribly. Theresa struggles to escape from the man she once loved who seemingly has turned into a monster.

Meanwhile, Ryan Tucker enters the picture as Theresa’s rescuer. He’s a man who at first glance seems to have it all… except real, genuine emotions. He hasn’t really felt anything for the last three years. That is, until he meets Theresa and decides that he has to protect this stranger, at all costs. With Theresa’s husband still out there, hunting for her, Theresa and Ryan aren’t out of the woods yet… And if a mad man hunting them isn’t bad enough, repressing the growing feelings between them is even worse.

I liked the premise of the story, about a second love, about two broken souls finding each other. More than carried by plot, this book is primarily carried by the characters. Both Theresa and Ryan are intriguing characters with engaging personalities. They have a past, they have quirks, things that make them unique and stand out. The chemistry between them is undeniable, and the author does a good job creating additional tension that way.

Fans of romantic suspense novels will no doubt love this book.


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