Book Review Goddess of the Wild Thing

Title: Goddess of the Wild Thing
Author: Paul DeBlassie III
Genre: Paranormal Thriller
Rating: 4 stars
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Goddess of the Wild Thing is a dramatic tale of one woman’s spiritual journey where magical happenings, unexpected turns of fate, and unseen forces influence her ability to love and be loved. Eve Sanchez, a middle-aged woman and scholar of esoteric studies, encounters a seductive but frightening man who introduces her to a supernatural world in which the wicked powers of a surrogate mother’s twisted affection threaten love and life. In the mystic realms of Aztlan del Sur, Eve and three friends struggle with whether bad love is better than no love and discover that love is a wild thing.

In Goddess of the Wild Thing, Eve Sanchez, a middle-aged woman and scholar of esoteris studies, encounters a seductive man with a frightening side to him… Sam is a bit of a ladies man, arrogant, confident, and I was a bit wary of him at first. He grew on me, though, and I began to like him as the book progressed – however, never as much as I liked Eve.

Eve was a balanced character, sometimes confident, sometimes lacking confidence. She was looking for love, for the feeling of belonging somewhere, and her own search and spiritual journey made it easy for me to relate to her.

Part of the book is set in a supernatural world, in Aztlan del Sur, and Eve’s quest is not so much a quest to save herself or others, but more of an inner journey, a spiritual journey, to discover what love is, whether bad love is better than no love, and the meaning of it all. The ‘villain’ of the story, Sweet Mary, is quite an interesting character too, and when all the dots connected, the inner story with the events happening throughout the book, I was pleasantly surprised.

Fans of psychological thrillers with paranormal elements and a lot of magical sybolism will no doubt enjoy this book.



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