Book Tours: The Haunting of Hattie Hastings Part Two

The story continues … Hattie is used to her deceased husband Gary dropping in and out of her life. His timing might not always be great, but at least he’s still around. Although – when Hattie tentatively tries a spot of dating – his interference isn’t entirely welcome.

Best friend Cat is lapping up her new relationship with teacher Jamie, but ex-husband Stewart isn’t prepared to fade into the background.

Hattie’s mother Rachel faces a daunting battle, one she doesn’t want to burden family and friends with. But there’s someone waiting in the wings who might be more than a shoulder to cry on.

Gary still doesn’t know what his mission on earth is, and spirit guide Clarence isn’t offering any clues? Will an encounter with another provide him with answers, or put Hattie in an impossible situation?

Prepare for more laughs and tears in the second instalment of a trilogy which takes a darkly comic look at life … and the afterlife.

Warning: Cliffhanger ending

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About Audrey Davis

Audrey Davis survived secondary school on the West coast of Scotland. Rubbish at science but not too bad at English, she originally wanted to be an actress but was persuaded that journalism was a safer option. Probably wise. She studied at Napier College in Edinburgh, the only place in Scotland at that time to offer a journalism course.

Her first foray into the hard-nosed newspaper world was as a junior reporter in Dumfriesshire. Duties included interviewing farmers about the prize-winning heifers to reporting on family tragedies. She persuaded her editor to let her launch an entertainment column which meant meeting the odd celebrity – or just the downright odd. From there, she moved to the loftier rank of senior reporter back in her home patch. Slightly more money, less farm animals but a higher crime rate. As Taggart would say: ‘There’s been a murrrrder!’
After a stint in London on a video magazine – yes, she is that old – Audrey moved to Singapore with her fiancé. She tried valiantly to embrace the stinking heat, humidity and lack of jobs, although she did work briefly on a magazine which was banned by the government for ‘artistic’ use of naked men’s bottoms.

Next on her adventures was a land Down Under where her main focus was raising Cost Centre One (aka firstborn) and coming to terms with the imminent arrival of Number Two. Still, she loved the Aussie way of life – BBQs, beaches and bring your own booze to restaurants – so it came as a blow when OH announced a move back to the UK. Not a job between them, the climate a possible deal breaker and an Exorcist-style vomiting infant on the flight home didn’t bode well …

Always a survivor, Audrey sought out similar-minded friends (i.e. slightly bonkers), got the children into a good school and thought about taking up writing again. Sadly, thinking about it was as far as she got, unless you count shopping lists. Then, hubby drops another bombshell. Switzerland. As in – it’s packing time again. Off to the land of cheese, chocolate, scarily efficient trains and a couple of teeny, tiny issues. Like driving on the ‘wrong’ side of the road and speaking a foreign language (French). The former was conquered fairly quickly (we’ll skip over the wall demolition in week two), the latter remains an ongoing battle of the hopeful against the hopeless. At least she provides amusement for the local workforce.
It wasn’t until 2016 that Audrey rediscovered her writing mojo with an online Writing Fiction course. From there, her first novel – A Clean Sweep – was born, although it took a bit longer than nine months from conception. A short, darker prequel – A Clean Break – followed, and in November 2017 she published the first in a novella trilogy, The Haunting of Hattie Hastings Part One. Part Two is published on 21 March 2018, with the conclusion following in May/June. After which she might have a wee lie down …

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Book Tours: Taken

About the Book

A gripping thriller full of twists you won’t see coming… The next serial killer read from the author of Missing and Hunted. Perfect for the fans of Angela Marsons and Jeffrey Deaver.

It’s been two years since mass murderer, Giacomo Riondino, disappeared after killing Greta Alfieri… Dr Claps, devastated and guilt-ridden by Greta’s death has been on a man-hunt for Riondino ever since. Meanwhile, an American girl disappears on the 382nd step of the Cerro trail in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

No one saw her disappear. Who took her? And how?

When the US authorities contact Claps, he is certain that it must be Riordino. But, unlike Riondino’s other victims, the girl has disappeared into thin air…

Will Claps solve the puzzle, or will he lose his mind in the process, blinded by his own obsession?

Author Bio

Monty Marsden, a Tuscan by birth, grew up in Milan, where he studied medicine and still works. He lives in the province of Bergamo, with his wife and four children.




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Book Review: Sanctuary by Makayla Love

Title: Sanctuary
Author: Makayla Love
Genre: Steampunk / Post-Apocalyptic
Rating: 4 stars
Purchase: Amazon
Review copy provided by Enchanted Book Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

Shiloh isn’t adjusting well to her new life in Ironbridge. Life isn’t how she always imagined it would be, and every day is harder than the last. Things only get worse when a small family on their way to a settlement called “Sanctuary” shows up on Shiloh’s doorstep looking for an escort the rest of the way. But Sanctuary isn’t all its supposed to be.

When they find themselves trapped, every second becomes a fight for survival. Can they find a way out before one of them falls to a mad tyrant? Or will their little group be broken up forever?

Sanctuary is the second book in the Titanomachy Series, and it starts off with our protagonist, Shiloh, who has trouble adjusting to her new life in Ironbridge. Shiloh’s past has left her scarred emotionally. The times when she reflects to her early childhood are a bit heartbreaking when you compare them to her current life, and how alone this makes her feel sometimes. She cares deeply for her sister Rilei, and it’s a welcome change to see a sisterly bond represented so predominantly in a book.

The worldbuilding was phenomenal, and I really enjoyed getting to know Shiloh and the other characters. Despite not having read the first book, I didn’t really feel like I was missing out on too much, and I coudl follow the story easily.

An excellent, recommended read for fans of fantasy and steampunk.

Book Tours: The Belch Park Field Trip

  • How long have you been writing?

About fifteen seconds, why? Nah, just kidding. I’ve been a screenwriter for nearly twenty years. I’ve been a novelist since October 2016. The Belch Park Field Trip is my fifteenth book, so I’ve produced one full length novel per month, roughly.

  • What is your favorite genre to write?

Satire, without question. I’m a natural born piss-taker. That said, I’m multi-genre within the satire label. I’ve written satirical humor, horror, thriller, crime, romance and slapstick farce. I’m about to do with same with sci-fi.

  • Which genre have you never tried before, but would you like to try out?

Sci-fi. I’d say most of my author friends write fantasy and sci-fi, two genres I’ve not dabbled in too much. I’m not really a fan of Lord of the Rings and stuff like that. You probably won’t see me write about goblins and fairies. That said, some of my favourite films and books have been sci-fi (Robocop, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Firefly, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy etc) and so my venture into sci-fi doesn’t seem so annoying (haha!). In fact, I hope my desire to do something different within the sci-fi genre may give it that edge, that certain something that makes it stand out from the others.

  • Please tell us about your book.

The Belch Park Field Trip is the third book in the Chrome Junction Academy series. The series is very sharp satire, starting with crime – Let’s Kill Mr Pond is about two twelve-year-old boys who plot to murder their teacher. The second book, Vicky & Lizzie’s First Period, is a South Park-esque musical about a nasty rumour the girls start about their teacher. The girls are in the same class as the boys in the first book.

Now, we have the third book, where the kids are going on a field trip to a theme park. The really bad kids have been sent there because the school inspectors are coming in. So the principal wants them as far away from the building as possible.

Belch Park is fundamentally a screwball, madcap comedy farce. It’s a lot like a cartoon, and it can be enjoyed by young adults and probably teenagers. I think of it as The Goonies meets Jurassic Park, but instead of dinosaurs, there are roller coasters and attractions. It’s a cute and funny underdog story at its core. When Henry and the gang from CJA get there, they discover that their rival school – a notoriously vicious south London Roman Catholic bunch – are in the park as well.

So, there’s no end to the opportunities of chaos and destruction.

  • Which character was your favorite, and why? Which character was your least favorite, and why?

My favourite character… hmm, there are probably two.

Henry Williams, the lead, is an inch shorter than is allowed to go on the rides. He’s a bit of a dweeb, and so has to think resourcefully to get what he wants and prove himself. He’s the underdog.

Also, without question, the “lead” of the rival school – a nasty piece of work named Pearce Grobbelaar – is at once sycophantic in front of the nuns, but flips on a dime when he’s with his friends. It’s meant to be farcical, and Pearce was an absolute joy to write. That’s probably because he extrapolated the mischievous and narcissistic tendencies I have. It’s always fun to write the bad guys, isn’t it? But I never, ever think of my bad guys as bad guys. I try to see the human and good in all the characters. It makes them far more interesting to me.

Least favourite? Hmm… I guess the park’s resident mind-reader/charlatan who occasionally pops up. His name is Rip Fandango, and is kind of the Obi Wan-Kenobi of this book. He advises Henry to man-up and kick his adversaries in “the bit between the balls and ass” – the barse. I’m planning a series for Rip Fandango in the future, but in Belch Park he’s limited. I couldn’t do as much as I would have liked with him, so he’s more of a story point and symbol of Henry’s failing than an actual character at the moment.

But Rip Fandango will get his own series. Mind-reader extraordinaire. A satire, essentially, on all these televangelists we see now. The Cris Angels and David Blaines of the world will get skewered…

  • What was the hardest part about writing your book?

The hardest part of any book is starting. The first sentence has to smack the reader in the face, grab their throat and never let go. I think I’m pretty good at that. Belch Park starts with a none-too-subtle homage to Dr Strangelove, one of my favourite films. I’ve painted the school inspectors as Nazis (they are from a government body named HEiL – Higher Expectations in Learning) Whenever the name is mentioned, everyone does a Nazi salute. It’s silly, but it amuses me – and if it makes me laugh, a gag usually stays in.

Belch Park was an unusual process for me. I wrote the first draft quickly. I took six days. But… it was full of swearing and nasty stuff. Essentially, though, it just got me to the end. The second pass was a bit like writing the book all over again. Stripping out the extreme cursing and being more PG-rated and inventive with it. I dialed down a lot of the violence and contentious moments. Moreover, I tweaked the story points so that every character had an arc to follow – something personal to achieve within the story. And, of course, I made it very ironic.

I’ve not done with so much with the fourteen books that came before it.

  • What is your writing routine? Are there things you absolutely need to start writing?

As long as I have a beginning, middle and end – and a sort of soundtrack – I’m good to go. When I get ideas, I let them bake for a few days. I create a soundtrack for it and daydream the movie trailer in my head.

Let me explain.

For Belch Park I had Love Roller Coaster by Red Hot Chili Peppers and a number of other theme park related songs on my phone. I’ll go out for a walk and just imagine certain scenes to the music, as if it was a movie trailer. Once that happens, the characters take shape and some of the visuals help me form the beginning, middle and end. One of the first things I saw in the imaginary trailer were:

A girl holding on to her restraint, flying off the back of a roller coaster.

A fat kid vomiting, and everyone getting covered in spew on the same roller coaster.

A mega-drop tower suddenly had the harnesses break free, and everyone screaming and holding on to them as the ride plummeted.

A tiger climbing a launch roller coaster.

A food fight in a restaurant

Stuff like that. All came from the “trailer” – and so, it was just a matter of working those ideas into the story.

  • How long did it take you to write your book from start to finish?

First draft takes about five or six days, clocking in at 60k words. I write really, really fast. The self-edit before I push it to my content editor takes about two days. I produce a book a month this way. What’s curious is that I don’t write every day. I prefer to do twelve hour bursts of around 15-20k words (with breaks, usually for smoking)

  • Can you tell us about your editing process?

Yes, it’s very simple.

First Draft Complete (6 days ish) > Walk away and let my subconscious work on it (2 days) > Tidy up first draft (2-3 days) > Send to editor, and let her line/proof edit (3-4 days) > Go through edit notes (1 day) > Send to my proof reading team (3 days) > Get the notes back and fix the errors (1 day) > Send to ARC team and let them read it (1 week) > Release.

  • Is this book part of a series? If so, how many installments do you have planned?

Yes, it’s the third book in the Chrome Junction Academy series. I must stress, though, that all my books can be read as a standalone. If you’ve read all my stuff, you’ll be rewarded with easter eggs and stuff. All my books are set in Chrome Valley. Characters from different books run into each other all the time. Names and organisations are mentioned… the prolific whale reader will get lots out of it!

  • Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

Don’t listen to anyone – just start typing. If you’re serious, you’ll write. If you’re not, you won’t. The more you read and write, the better you’ll get. Embrace feedback – especially the most brutal feedback you can find. I’d go so far as to sending your book to someone who hates you personally, and seeing what they think. The last thing you want is for people to rub your back and say “ohh, it’s great” because they don’t want to offend you. That will kill your author career in a heartbeat – why? Because you’ll make the same damn mistakes over and over again.

  • Why should everyone read your book?

Because they’re a lot of fun and will evoke a range of emotions. You’ll laugh, puke, cry and gasp – usually in that order. A reader may not like every book – or any book – heck, they may love it. But they’ll never forget it. I’m all about pushing boundaries and exemplifying free speech and non-restrictions of ideas. You won’t have read anything quite like it before.

  • If you could meet three authors, dead or alive, which authors would you choose?

George Orwell – one of the UK’s most brilliant minds and satirists.  Douglas Adams, for being brave enough to write something as inventive as The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Carl Jung, the psychologist, purely to pick his brains. All three are dead, though, so the chances of a meaningful get-together are limited.

  • What inspired you to write your book?

I write for a lot of reasons. Belch Park was unusual because I wanted to flex my farce and chaos muscles. It’s the definitive adventure book set in a theme park, as far as I’m concerned. I think readers of all ages will get a thrill out of it. I’m not aiming for much more than that with this book. It’a a bit naughty, and a bit vicious and just a hell of a lot of fun. And very relatable, in my view.

  • Are you working on something at the moment? If so, can you tell us more about it?

Yes, I’m working on a family-friendly sci-fi satire series. I’m not going to expatiate on it too much, as I’m in the “movie trailer/daydream” phase right now. I can tell you that it will be out April 2018. That there will be at least three of them. It’s my most mainstream effort yet, and I am absolutely in love with it.

If anyone reading would like to be kept abreast of my work and forthcoming releases, they should join Chrome Valley Books on Facebook and follow me at Amazon.

My author page at Amazon:

We’re also looking for more ARC readers, too. There’s never a shortage of awesomeness to consume. Potential ARC readers should email and ask to be included. We just ask for an honest review. The gang is growing and growing, and my readers and fans are a great bunch of people.

The Belch Park Field Trip


Henry Williams has never been a leader.
Or stood up to the bullies.
Or kissed the girl of his dreams.
In fact, he’s never stood out from the school crowd.
Mind you, he’s only twelve years-old.
And a foot shorter than his classmates.
All that will change today, though.
The school inspectors are visiting Chrome Junction Academy.
The principal needs to get rid of the cream of the cr@p!
He would have preferred to send them to another galaxy far, far away…
Instead, the obnoxious, high-on-energy-drinks brats are off to…
Roller coasters! Mega-drop towers! Ghost trains! Ferris wheels! Bumper cars!
No end of opportunities for fun, thrills and spills!
The perfect place to run rampant and enjoy themselves…
But wait!
South London’s notorious Our Lady of Sacrifice Roman Catholic school is also there.
They’re Chrome Junction Academy’s natural enemy.
Oh bugger
Limbs will break…
Dares will result in irreparable damage…
The innocent will be caught in the crossfire…
Even the park may not survive
Henry’s destiny awaits…
Chrome Junction Academy’s underdog must step up… and grow a pair.
He’ll have to ensure the safety of his friends.
Fend off the bigger, badder kids.
and get them out of Belch Park in one piece!

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About Andrew Mackay​

Some authors are afraid to cross the line.

Me? Oh, I’m glad you asked! I make “the line” my starting point…

My brand is satire.

I hop between genres like madman on crack because my razor-sharp literary knife is hungry for political and social commentary. One genre just can’t cut it (if you’ll forgive the pun.) I’m obsessed, I tell you!

I write straight-up humor and farce, horror, crime, romance… all under the banner of satire.

My novels often contain a ruthless commentary on society, delving into the darker machinations of modern life. They can be uproarious, funny, outrageous and shocking. Make no mistake, though. They are this way for a reason, and always come equipped with a sense of humanity and wit.

My influences include John Cleese, Tom Sharpe, Kurt Vonnegut, James Patterson, Hunter S Thompson, Douglas Adams, Imogen Edwards-Jones, Michael Frayn, Chris Morris, Jerry Sadowitz, Christopher Hitchins, Bill Maher, George Carlin, Jordan Peterson, Pat Condell, and writer/director Larry Cohen.

My obsessions include (and are essentially limited to) obscene amounts of: smoking, drugs, alcohol, caffeine, sex, debating, daydreaming and writing about himself in the third person.

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Release Blitz The Mage Heir

About the Book

Traitor: that’s what Tatsu is now. On the run from both Runon and Chayd, Tatsu and Yudai’s only hope for survival is to disappear into the wilds. However, when the siphon’s deadly curse returns, they have no choice but to travel into the desert kingdom of Joesar in search of a cure.

Battling the unforgiving elements of the sands, Tatsu starts to realize that the path towards destroying the siphon may claim Yudai’s life. Time is running out as Nota’s fury—and the siphon’s hunger—begin to spiral wildly beyond their control.
As their options slowly fall away, the only thing Tatsu and Yudai can count on is each other.

Author Bio

Kathryn didn’t major in creative writing, but never stopped believing. She survives on books, strong coffee, craft beer, puppies, and the Oxford comma. She currently lives in Japan with her husband and teaches high school English to shape the next generation of young minds. She also comma splices like it’s going out of style.


The Mage Heir on Amazon

Book One (The Life Siphon) on Amazon

Book Excerpt

Tatsu didn’t mind sleeping under the leaves, but Yudai’s agitation seemed to grow as the sky darkened. He paced back and forth between two ancient tree trunks with his hands clasped behind his back, over and over, until the stars came out.

“You’re going to have to sleep eventually,” Tatsu pointed out, voice mild, once the moon was high overhead. It earned him a growl in reply. “Please just sit down.”

“This clearing will be dead by morning,” Yudai snapped. When he turned to retrace his steps again, Tatsu could see the twist of his fingers clenched together in tight fists.

“You can’t do anything about it, so there’s no point in blaming yourself. It’s probably just making the whole thing worse.”

The look Yudai threw him was dubious at best, but evidently, the possibility was difficult to ignore. Yudai eventually settled himself down between two patches of yellow-green weeds, and he ran his finger over his lip a few times before his eyes flickered up towards Tatsu. “Distract me.”

“You could ask nicely,” Tatsu said.

One corner of Yudai’s mouth quirked upward. “I could,” he agreed, and said nothing more.

“Did you know that my mother had other children?”

Yudai blinked and sat back, face slackening. “Good distraction.”


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Release Blitz A Girl Like Her


Ruth entered the town car park with a lot on her mind. Major highlights included:

  1. Her stomach cramps, which had gone from mild irritation to knuckle-biting pain in the space of twenty minutes.
  2. The indignity of waddling about town with loo roll stuffed down her knickers.
  3. The absolutely extortionate price she’d just paid for a packet of substandard tampons that didn’t even have bloody applicators.
  4. Mrs. Needham, newsagent proprietor and town gossip, who would tell everyone that Ruth had come in to buy tampons as if they were Year Eight children instead of grown adults.
  5. How much the average person might know about the theory of relativity. Because, the less people knew about it, the more she could get away with fudging the details for the latest issue of her web comic.

Was it really surprising, with all that to ponder, that she ran headlong into a pair of enormous men?

Ruth landed on the tarmac with an unladylike grunt. At least it was more elegant than the word currently burning through her mind: Motherfucker!

This was to be imagined, you understand, as an outraged yowl of pain.

For an instant of blissful, foolish shock, Ruth blinked down at the ground. Then she looked up slightly, just a touch—enough to see two pairs of sturdy, boot-clad feet before her. The sight of those feet, along with her embarrassment, took Ruth from mildly irritated to unreasonably angry.

But really. Those boots were entirely too solid, quite abominably stable. The men hadn’t even wobbled. They might at least pretend to be slightly unbalanced, since she was literally on the floor. Such firm uprightness in a situation like this struck her as rude.

“I’m so sorry,” one of the men said. She didn’t know which, because she refused to look up at their faces. She had quite enough to process right now without bringing faces and expressions and human lifeforms into it.

But one of the men, presumably the one who had spoken, ruined things completely by bending down to her level. He could do that, you see, because he hadn’t fallen. The prick.

He crouched before her, bringing his faded jeans into view, and then his tight, black T-shirt—what a ridiculous outfit in February—and then… well, some rather interesting musculature.

That musculature broke through Ruth’s haze of unreasonable annoyance, prodding her sharply. It said, Look at that chest! Look at those biceps! You’d better check out his face, just to see if it’s equally impressive. Quality control, and all that.

Reigning in the urge to throw a temper tantrum—she was feeling fragile, what with the tissue in her knickers—Ruth looked up.


About the Book

Everyone has secrets. He wants all of hers.

Meet the man next door…

After years of military service, Evan Miller wants a quiet life. The small town of Ravenswood seems perfect—until he stumbles upon a vicious web of lies with his new neighbour at its centre.

Ruth Kabbah is rude, awkward, and—according to everyone in town—bad news. Thing is, no-one will tell Evan why. Does she perform ritual sacrifices? Howl at the moon? Pour the milk before the tea? He has no clue.

But he desperately wants to find out. Because Ruth doesn’t seem evil to him; she seems lonely. And funny, and clumsy, and secretly quite sweet, and really f*%king beautiful…

The more Evan’s isolated, eccentric neighbour pushes him away, the more he wants her. Her—and all her secrets. Because there’s no way a girl like Ruth truly deserves the town’s scorn.

…Is there?

A Girl Like Her is a steamy, small town BWWM romance. Warning: this book is 65,000+ words of extreme pleasure and intense romance, ending in a HEA. There are NO cliffhangers and NO cheating. Enjoy responsibly!

Author Bio

Talia Hibbert is a writer and educator from England, U.K., by way of both the West Indies and West Africa. She wrote her first romance aged 12, and was promptly scolded by her teacher because her story of love in the jungle wasn’t ‘proper’.

Since then, Talia’s romances have improved in quality and hugely increased in heat. She now writes erotic, interracial romances about dirty Brits. They still aren’t proper, but they are a lot of fun.

In her free time, she eats too much ice cream and watches K Drama on Netflix.

She also spends a serious amount of time on social media, so make sure you stay connected.

And, as Talia would say… that’s all, folks. Love and biscuits!




Book Tours: Behind a Closed Door

What if everything in your life was a lie? An emotionally tense story of love, loyalty, betrayal and revenge. Perfect for the fans of Louise Jenson.

DUBLIN – For the past two years Jill Ryan has tried to keep her darkest secrets deeply buried and remain relatively anonymous. Haunted by her tragic past and struggling to keep her life together, Jill soon realises that the last person she can trust is herself.

KILKENNY – Only Heather Martin knows the lengths her husband will go to teach her a lesson and Heather has had enough. Faced with the impossible choice of saving herself or staying to care for her ailing father, Heather has a choice to make. But does she have what it takes to survive?

When Detectives Louise Kennedy in Dublin and Tony Kelly in Kilkenny begin to investigate, their dark discoveries collide unravelling a complex web of secrets that stretch far and wide.

Author Bio

Having lived and worked in the UK and Dublin since college, Adele now lives in her home town in Co. Wicklow with her husband and two teenage daughters. She writes overlooking the Irish Sea and is an active member of the Wexford Literary Festival committee.




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Book Review: Sweet Dreams by Stacey Keith

Title: Sweet Dreams
Author: Stacey Keith
Genre: Romance, Contemporary
Age Group: Adult
Rating: 4,5 stars
Purchase: Amazon
Review copy provided by Enchanted Book Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

In a little town in the heart of Texas, the same old story can turn into happily ever after . . .

On any given day, Maggie Roby has cake batter on her sleeve, flour where the blush supposedly goes, and sore feet from standing since dawn. For her sister’s wedding day, she’s added a side of heartache. Maggie’s failed marriage taught her that love is a lie and commitment a mistake, and it was an expensive lesson. But with her bakery thriving and her life simplified to work, family, and knitting for her pug, Maggie thinks she’s bought some peace. Until Jake Sutton walks in and she realizes she isn’t safe from desire at all . . .

Jake has model-perfect looks and about a billion dollars to throw around, but Maggie also sees the same never-say-die grit she prizes in herself. The attraction between them is hotter than her oven in July. But when Jake decides to restore the old Art Deco movie theater right around the corner from her bakery, she worries that temptation is a little too close for comfort. And the added ingredient of a man from her past only complicates the mix. This time nothing less than true love will do. If she can learn to listen to her heart, she just may be able to have her cake and eat it too.


Sweet Dreams is a contemporary romance filled with chemistry and attraction. Protagonist Maggie Roby bakes cake for a living, and she has a sweet, caring personality. Her cake baking antics reminded me of myself last week… While I tried baking cake, and it was actually half-decent.

Anyway, with my recent cake-baking endavour right behind me, it seemed fitting I read this book, and I loved Maggie. The events in her past nearly broke my heart. She’s lived through a failed marriage, and this caused her a lot. She’s now focused solely on the bakery, her family and her pet pug. That is, until Jake walks into her store.

Jake is smoking hot, and Maggie instantly feels attracted to him. When his personality is a good match to her own, and him deciding to restore the Art Deco movie threater around the corner from her bakery, she worries she will not be able to deny the growing attraction between them much longer…

Maggie was my favorite character. I didn’t like Jake that much at first, but I soon grew to like him – his stand-offish personality at first is just an act, and there’s a reason why he acts the way he does.

This is a thrilling, adorable romance between two characters who really deserve to find their true loves.


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Book Tours: Starter Day Party Sanctuary

I’m hosting the starter day party today for the book tour for steampunk / post-apocalyptic “Sanctuary”. Thank you for visiting!

Tour Schedule

March 10th: Starter Day Party @ I Heart Reading

March 10th: Promo Post @ Author C.A. Milson’s Blog

March 10th: Author Interview @ Aaron Michael-Hall’s Blog

March 10th: Promo Post @ Stormy Night Reviewing

March 12th: Book Excerpt @ Bright Street Books

March 15th: Book Excerpt @ Nesie’s Place

March 16th: Author Interview @ The Single Librarian

March 17th: Book Review @ I Heart Reading

About the Book

Title: Sanctuary

Author: Makayla Love

Genre: Steampunk / Post-Apocalyptic

Shiloh isn’t adjusting well to her new life in Ironbridge. Life isn’t how she always imagined it would be, and every day is harder than the last. Things only get worse when a small family on their way to a settlement called “Sanctuary” shows up on Shiloh’s doorstep looking for an escort the rest of the way. But Sanctuary isn’t all its supposed to be.

When they find themselves trapped, every second becomes a fight for survival. Can they find a way out before one of them falls to a mad tyrant? Or will their little group be broken up forever?

Author Bio

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Book Review: For A Glimpse Beyond The Terminus by Jordan R. Anderson

Title: For A Glimpse Beyond The Terminus
Author: Jordan R. Anderson
Genre: Horror
Rating: 4,5 stars
Purchase: Amazon
Review copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

For A Glimpse Beyond the Terminus marks the second collection of horror, emotion and oddity by author Jordan R. Anderson.
Within these pages, a middle-aged man encounters oddity in a used car purchase, and a pair of detectives investigates the aftermath. A young employee of a tech firm discovers strange abilities in the wake of losing his virginity. After the stillbirth of her child, a woman flees from her pursuant nightmares into the arms of her sole blood relative. A boy’s patience is tested and his faith is challenged as he awaits prophecy under the guidance of his mother’s righteous fervor.
These and other tales lay elbow-to-elbow like corpses in a mass grave, offering unique struggles and differing perspectives on the meaning of life, death and the spaces between.
“Anderson’s writing is his own, but you could make comparisons to H. P. Lovecraft in his love for detail and the slowly mounting terror in his stories. There is also a good deal of science fiction in the mix that might make one think of Ray Bradbury for the humanity and Michael Crichton for the tech end of things.” —Brian J. Lewis, Horror Review


I’m a huge fan of horror stories, so when I saw a request from the author to review this book pop up in my mailbox, I simply couldn’t resist. Not only does it have an awesome, fitting cover, the stories inside are pretty awesome too.

Usually with short story collections, they end up being a bit of mixed bag, with some excellent stories, some mediocre ones and one or two that are not so great. With For A Glimpse Beyond The Terminus, none of the stories really fell into the latter category – some stories were excellent, some were mediocre, but there wasn’t a single one that I didn’t like.

“The Midnight Baby” and “Master” were my two favorite stories in the collection. I also really liked the plot of “The Harem Within” and how it was executed. Perhaps my least favorite was “Under and In and So It All Begins”, but several other reviewers mentioned that as their favortie, which just shows you can’t argue with taste.

Author Jordan R. Anderson has the uncanny ability to sketch his character’s personality in a matter of minutes, like a painter bringing a portrait to life in just a few brushstrokes, and he masterfully creates an eerie, unsettling atmosphere in all of his stories.

I just finished this one, and I’m already looking forward to the next collection!