Book Review: Her Russian Fixer by Leslie North

Title: Her Russian Fixer (Volkov Brothers Book One)
Author: Leslie North
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Age Group: Adult
Rating: 4,5 stars
Purchase: Amazon
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The line between right and wrong blurs when a ruthless Russian becomes her dark protector.

Benedikt Volkov grew up in Chicago, but his family’s ties to the Russian Mafia run deep. So when his godfather, Pyotr Mishin, steals millions from the Bratva, it’s up to Ben to find him or his family will be forced to pay back the money. However, his careful plans are quickly complicated when an impulsive brunette forces him to become her unlikely hero. Ben hates surprises, and uncontrollable Lucy with her luscious red lips is a distraction that could get them all killed. But with an unexpected connection to his godfather, she may be the key to securing his family’s future.

Lucy Paprocki may be reckless and disorganized, but she finds a new focus when her world is turned upside down. She’s determined to find her real father, Pyotr Mishin—a man she didn’t know existed until recently—and Ben Volkov may be her best chance. One look at his tattooed skin, muscled bulk, and penetrating stare, and Lucy knows Ben is Bratva. The mafia man may be hugely intimidating and wound tighter than a string, but Lucy will have to trust him if she wants to discover the truth about where she comes from.

With danger lurking behind every door, passion quickly ignites between impulsive Lucy and methodical Ben. They may just be using one another to get what they want, but what if all they really need is each other?


In Her Russian Fixer, Benedikt Volkov is a member of the Russian maffia, Bratva, and he’s on a mission to find his godfather, Pyotr Mishin. Pyotr stole millions of dollars from the Bratva, and the Volkovs only have a limited amount of time to force Pyotr to pay the money back.

While on his mission, he encounters Lucy Paprocki, a young woman who is looking for her long lost father…. no other than Pyotr Mishin, the man Ben is hunting down.

Ben and Lucy are pretty much opposites in every single way. Lucy is more free-spirited, and Ben is more methodical and focused. They come from different walks in life, and ended up on the same spot but for very different purposes… Yet, the chemistry between them is undeniable.

This is a fast-paced contemporary romance with intriguing characters and a thrilling background story.



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