Book Review: Her Name is Mercie by Chris Roy

Title: Her Name is Mercie
Author: Chris Roy
Genre: Thriller, Noir, Horror
Rating: 4,5 stars
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Review copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Roy delivers on the edge of your seat storytelling with rough edges, crooked cops and a tiny light at the end of the tunnel that is never quite extinguished.

Tom Vater, co–founder of Crime Wave Press.

Her Name Is Mercie is a fast furious ride into an inferno of the highest tension you are likely to encounter this year. Where noir meets thriller, toss a coin. Dive in. And unplug your phones, pcs tablets and keep reading deeper and deeper, until the final pages.

Richard Godwin, author of Apostle Rising.

Mercie Hillbrook lives a simple, quiet life working as a gas station attendant. Then her parents are killed. Her home is taken. The people responsible are excused for just doing their job. When an attempt to get justice her way lands her in trouble with the law, Mercie realizes she still has something to lose: her own life.

Then she finds reason to believe her parents were murdered… and she doesn’t care anymore

In Her Name is Mercie, we get a few different stories to enjoy, the first and longest being “Her Name is Mercie” (same as the title of the book), but then we also get several shorter stories: “Re-Pete”, “Hunger”, my personal favorite “Libby’s Hands” and “Marsh Madness”.

While “Her Name is Mercie” is the longest story in the book and the other seem more like additions, I actually liked the shorter stories even more than the long story. I am a fan of short stories, so that could be one of the reasons.

In “Her Name is Mercie”, main character Mercie Hillbrook lives a pretty ordinary life until her parents get murdered, her home is taken, and the people responsible don’t get any type of punishment. Mercie has no choice but to take matters into her own hands and get some justice of her own.

The story has a very noir feel to it, and it’s definitely dark and troubling. “Libby’s Hands” has more of a horror feel to it, and overall, all the stories are omnious, atmospheric reads.

A great book to crawl under a blanket and read with the flashlight on.


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