Book Review: Rich Before 40 by Paz Itzhaki Weinberger

Title: Rich Before 40: The Ultimate Guide to Wealth
Author: Paz Itzhaki Weinberger
Genre: Non-Fiction, Self-Help
Rating: 3,5 stars
Purchase: Amazon
Review copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Do you want to be rich before the age of 40?

This is the ultimate guide book for financial success, to live well and get rich by the age of 40. It shows that with perseverance and dedication to your goal and to a number of basic general rules it is possible to elevate your life to the right path and achieve abundance, even if the starting point was not at all easy… to soar from the depths to the heights.

The wildly successful author of this book will show you the way!

Paz’s philosophy of life and its clear correlation to business is reflected in chapter headings such as: “Insurance and Securities – Critical Tools for Becoming Wealthy,” “Success in the Image of Haters and the Envious,” “Accepting Death as a Part of Life,” “Other People and Why Only They Can Make You Rich,” “Essential Tools for Building a Personal Image of Success,” “Making a Living on the Path to Wealth,” “Social Skills, Networking, Connections, and Rubbing Shoulders with the Elite,” “The Cost of Unnecessary Emotions,” “Gambling, Careless Spending, and Stupidity,” “Law and Accounting – Friends or Foes on the Way to Wealth?” and “The 19 Commandments – Closure.”

In “Rich Before 40: The Ultimate Guide to Wealth“, as you might have guessed, the author describes how you can get rich before you’re 40 by following a simple, straightforward set of rules and being dedicated to your goals.

Despite that, there’s no golden set of rules, not even the ones as described in this book. What works for one person might very well fail for another. Still, the mindset is one that’ll certainly help people overcome challenges, and in that way, it’s definitely a good place to start.

The book might not make your rich, but I’m quite certain if you follow the principles set out in the book, that you’ll certainly be able to improve your own financial situation.

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