Literary Book Gifts – Gifts for Book Lovers

Ever wondered what to buy for your friend / spouse / relative who is completely obsessed with books?

You could buy books, but they’re likely to have a library so gigantic you have zero chance of knowing whether they already have a particular book in their collection or not.

So, here’s the next best thing.

T-shirts featuring books. Bags featuring books. Anything featuring books.

Literary Book Gifts offers a variety of awesome items like t-shirts, tank tops, bags, backpacks, all of them featuring classics: Edgar Poe, Wuthering Heights, Sherlock Holmes, you name it. Check out the vast collection here.

Here are some examples of items they sell (and that look really, really cool):

Edgar Allen Poe T-shirt (Women’s)

The Hound of the Baskervilles Tote Bag

Wuthering Heights Tank Top (Women’s)

And, just for my readers, I managed to snatch a pretty nice discount.

Use IHEARTREADING20 and you will get 20% discount on anything in the store!

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