Book Review: The Magnet: The Way to Fulfill Your Dreams by Oriella Paz-Maureen

Title: The Magnet: The Way to Fulfill Your Dreams
Author: Oriella Paz-Maureen
Genre: Non-Fiction, Self Help
Rating: 3 stars
Purchase: Amazon
Review copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Regain the powerful, priceless inner compass that you once possessed naturally!

You were born with a unique, priceless, internal compass. Like any infant, you could direct your surroundings to satisfying your desires, which were very clear to you then. However, as the years went by, your connection with this internal magnet has weakened. The Magnet connects readers to the internal, inherent magnet with which every one of us is born and which opens the opportunity for change and realizing one’s dreams. It is a unique way to attract desired reality, opportunities, and wishful “coincidences” into our lives.

This book will guide you in your self-transforming work to achieve the reality you desire

This method is not magic; it requires working through all four of the echelons of our existence: physical, emotional, mental, and energetic. With methodic practice, which can also be assimilated with unique meditations studied in the course, one is opened step by step to change and success, altering the automatic mode of existence to a conscious and fulfilling life.

“The Magnet: The Way to Fulfill Your Dreams” helps readers to get back in touch with their own internal compass. Infants are more in tune with their surroundings. As adults, we often feel distanced from everyone and everything. This book is meant to help re-connect readers with their inner magnet, with their true self.

I found the book a bit hard to follow. Even the examples weren’t always as straightforward as I had hoped. Some things are described as being easy while in reality, and for someone with little practical experience with meditation and such, it can be hard.

Still, it’s an intriguing book and the message is one that could change many people’s lives, for the better.

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