Book Review: Mastering Organizational Change: Theory and Practice

Title: Mastering Organizational Change: Theory and Practice
Author: Dr. Amir Levy
Genre: Non-Fiction, Leadership
Rating: 4 stars
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Review copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Don’t be left behind as the world whizzes past your organization or business!

Today’s world is complex, turbulent, and uncertain. The ability to change, innovate and adapt rapidly, have become crucial factors for an organization’s sustained existence and growth. In this intensely competitive global environment, only those who are able to lead and motivate people to change will succeed.

Arm yourself with successful leadership skills!

This comprehensive handbook is a must for anybody interested in successfully leading change and innovation, be they managers, educators, students, or entrepreneurs. It imparts academic and practical knowledge, including approaches, processes, and modern technologies for guiding employees towards optimal performance and motivating them to contribute to the process of change. The book is the fruit of over 30 years of the author’s experience providing organizational consultation to numerous diverse organizations: private, public, small, large, and those undergoing crisis, growth, or mergers.

In Mastering Organizational Change, the author describes how organizations can implement the ability to change quickly, to innovate when necessary, and to grow and sustain by adapting certain qualities.

It’s an interesting book for managers, entrepreneurs, educators, even students – everyone who wants to know how to lead change and innovation. Combining academic knowledge with practical skills, it describes processes and modern technologies that can be used to motivate this process of change.

The writing is inviting, not overly formal, and makes it easy to read and understand things that otherwise might seem complicated. The author has a lot of relevant experience, and manages to relay it easily to the reader.

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