Book Review: The Xanthippe Factor by Sara Breslerman

Title: The Xanthippe Factor
Author: Sara Breslerman
Genre: Nonfiction, Marriage & Family
Rating: 4 stars
Purchase: Amazon
Review copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

If you are in a relationship, before or during marriage, The Xanthippe Factor is a book you will want to read

The Xanthippe Factor deals with the relationship between men and women in marriage. It examines what happens to love in the various stages of the relationship, why so many men and women are unhappy with their marriages, and what can be done to make long lasting and loving relations that fit the world in which we live.

The Xanthippe Factor argues that marriage has remained largely unchanged since the time of the famous Greek philosopher Socrates and his wife Xanthippe without adapting to the modern complexities of life in general and marriage in particular.

Acquire important insights and tools for improving your relationship!

The book confronts the reader with basic questions about the relationships between men and women in marriage: i.e., role division, parenting, sex, and disagreements – and provides insights, solutions, and tools about how couples can overcome marriage pitfalls and improve their relationships.

The Xanthippe Factor talks about couples, marriage and relationships, and how couples nowadays can overcome the challenges of being in a long-lasting relationship in this modern, ever-changing world. While the world has changed with every era slipping by, marriage has stayed more or less the same (in terms of the institution of marriage) since the time of the Greek philosophers.

Based on the relationship of Greek philosopher Socrates without his wife Xanthippe, the book explains how little marriage has changed over time. It also asks some basic, but confrontational questions about role division, parenting, sex and how couples argue – how are disagreements solved? – to help people gain more insights in this relationship.

Being in a relationship for ten years now (wow! When I was a teenager, I never could’ve imagined being in a relationship with one single person for this long) I could identify with a lot of things described in the book, and the book also gave me some insight into life as a couple nowadays, and how to overcome challenges all couples face.

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