Beat The Backlist Challenge 2019

I participated in the Beat The Backlist Challenge last year, and signed up again. I didn’t complete my goals last year, so this is my second try.
For this challenge, you can set your own reading goal, so I’m once again aiming for 20 books.
You can find out more about the challenge or sign up to participate on Novel Knight.
I will keep track of my progress here, and on my main reading challenges page.

  1. Malta, The Ultimate Island by Amit Offir
  2. Haunted Blood by Elik Katzav
  3. Psy’s Last Mission by Jacob Steinberg
  4. A Trace of Revenge by Lyle Howard
  5. When I Fall, I Shall Rise by Dan Shtauber
  6. Dolphins Don’t Run Marathons by Sam Brand
  7. Turn Your Dental Practice into a Successful Business by Gabriel Asulin
  8. The Little Prince by Yoram Selbst

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