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What I’m Watching

I’m watching Vampire Academy. I loved these books (especially Adrian…drool), I liked the movie they made of this a few years ago, and I’m excited about what’s happening in the TV series.

What I’m Crafting

Last week, I finished crafting a miniature room box with a bedroom inside. Click on the picture below to enlarge it.

You can read a more detailed post about how I crafted this miniature room box on my author blog.

What I’m Writing

Title: Hear All Evil (Academy for the Wicked #2)

Genre: New Adult, Reverse Harem, Paranormal Romance

Status: Drafting

I’ve finally discovered what I really am. A Nightmare.

The revelation hasn’t exactly made my life easier, though. The Nightmare King is determined to hunt me down. The Grim Reaper, death itself, has put a target on my back. Can I trust the Queen of Maggots–the monster that has tormented my dreams for years?

All I know is that without the guys’ protection, I would already be dead. Five guys who swore to keep me safe, no matter what.

There’s Damian, an ancient vampire with a penchant for reading and brooding.

Christian, a demon prince who prefers to soothe my pain rather than cause me pain.

Alec, the most powerful warlock at the Academy for the Wicked, who likes to inflict pain – but the kind of pain that is rather enjoyable.

Ronan, the mesmer who can influence people’s thoughts and who seems to hold more secrets than I can count.

And then there’s Tristan. The necromancer who betrayed me.

Despite their oath, I’m not sure if I can trust them. After all, the Academy for the Wicked is filled with monsters…

… And now I’m truly one of them.


What I’m Playing

This week, we played the last session of Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective. I love these mysteries so much! Luckily, I already have the second set in this series, which features ten more mysteries to solve!

You can read my reviews of each of the cases in this boxset on my author blog.


  1. I remember when the Vampire Academy books first came out and it seemed like *everyone* was reading them. Somehow I never got around to them, even though I owned the box set. Ha! Love the miniature room you crafted! So adorable.

  2. That room box looks so sweet! Best wishes with your writing. Have a wonderful week ahead.

  3. I love the crafted room. Enjoy your week, and thanks for visiting my blog.

  4. I enjoyed Vampire Academy. Sadly theyjust announced its been cancelled 🙁
    Your craft project looks delightful, and I’m curious about that game.

    Wishing you a great reading week

  5. Your miniature room crafting project is adorable! And clever. My sister has a couple houses that she’s furnished with miniatures and she loves it. Have a terrific week.
    Terrie @ Bookshelf Journeys

  6. I enjoyed Vampire Academy as well and thought the movie was pretty good. I haven’t heard much about the TV show though.

  7. I wanted t start Vampire academy (I lked the movie a few years ago too) and just saw that they canceled it. Gah they cancel everything now!

  8. What a neat miniature room! Good luck on your writing! They had a new Vampire Academy? Didn’t even know, but seeing Greg’s comment I guess it’s canceled. Bummer. Have a lovely week!

  9. I love that box room – I wish I had the smallest of creative skills! The Sherlock Holmes thing looks interesting too.

    Have a great week!

  10. Very cool – I love miniatures! Have you seen the book The Minuscule Mansion of Myra Malone by Audrey Burgess. It comes out this Tuesday and I think you’d love it. And, I need to try Vampire Academy. I didn’t realize they made it into a show. Have a great week!

  11. That miniature room is adorable! Have a great week!


  12. I’m screaming!!! I didn’t know there were DIY miniature rooms in tin boxes!!!! I built a miniature house once when I was a teenager and I’ve built lots of Ikea, so I’m sure I could do a miniature room in a tin! So cute!!!! I clicked on your link where you gave us step by step what was easy and what was more difficult. Thanks for that!

  13. Am happy to hear you are having a good week. Good luck!

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