Book Review and Giveaway Eidolons

Title: Eidolons

Author: Harrison Fountain

Genre: Literary Fantasy

Rating: 4 stars

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When TK dies in a car accident, the Grim Reaper gives him a second chance at life, but he says it’s more fun being a ghost. As he haunts his small Iowa town, his sleek shell of sarcasm cracks to a terrified lonely inner self. Find out why he’d rather be dead.

One afternoon, TK woke up dead. Rather than returning for a second chance at life, he decided to stay a ghost, and haunt the living in his small Iowa town. There’s a lot more to TK and his life than you can guess at first, and as the story unravels, you find yourself more and more invested in his life.

TK died during a car accident. Then we’re taken back to the days before his accident, and what brought TK to that scene in the first place. TK is a very realistic, compelling character, well-crafted, sense of humor, and for a book heavy on characterization, that’s a plus. As a ghost, he meets other ghosts, each with their own life story and background that make them unique.

The plot was entertaining and different from what I expected, with a lot of twists I didn’t see coming. The supernatural elements were refreshing and original, and I really enjoyed this book – so much that I read it in on sitting.

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