Author Interview: Karen Metcalf

The Book Title: In the Storm Author: Karen Metcalf Format: eBook Genre: Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Young Adult, Short Story Rating: 4 stars Read my review for In The Storm. GoodReads | Smashwords | Amazon Abandoned by the world around her, Carly believes she is fated to a life of torment at the hands of her […]

Author Interview: Kris Sedersten

The Book Title: Mojo Author: Kris Sedersten Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Supernatural, Horror Review copy provided by the author. Visit the author’s website. Read my review for Mojo. When Scottie Brown, a New Orleans college student, is aggressively haunted by vivid nightmares and daytime apparitions, he begins a search for answers; unwittingly putting himself and those […]

Author Interview: Amanda Von Hoffmann

The Novel Title: Behind Green Glass Author: Amanda Von Hoffmann Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal, Faeries, Young Adult Take a look at my review for Behind Green Glass. ‚ÄúPerched in the maple outdoors she saw a figure, human in shape, animal-like in posture. A smooth expanse of bare muscled chest, light tangled hair, glowing irises. The glass […]