Blog Tour: Book Excerpt Still Black Remains

Book Excerpt Valentine is in the room, his hands tied behind his back, with duct tape across his mouth and the hood probably still covering his face.  He has been that way for hours and nobody cares about him.  What only matters is that he is alive; they have to do something with him to […]

Book Tours: Book Excerpt The Difference Between You and Me

Book Excerpt “Hi, do you need anything?” “Yes, but not you – you don’t have it and you can’t provide it. And I’m afraid our conversation is suffering the effects of my inability to pretend to be interested in your proposal for the evening” “You could have just said ‘No’.” The first creaky sign I […]

Finding Secrets Blog Tour

Book Excerpt ‘Welcome to Mallow Court,’ I say, my smile a little forced. It’s a week since the Churchley-Thursley wedding debacle, and I’ve yet to put it fully behind me. Though Mrs Fairchild has made no noises about sacking me, I have an irritating gnaw inside me that won’t go away. Have I put everything […]

Book Excerpt Poisoned Iris

Book Excerpt Difference Is Not a Crime Five words above a painting. Nothing more, nothing less. It shouldn’t have that much impact on my life, yet this sentence had been in the back of my head since the first time I’d seen it in my fourteenth year. That was the day I finally had been […]

Book Excerpt Jorie & The Magic Stones

Jorie and the Magic Stones is the first book in a new chapter book series, by A. H. Richardson, that follows one heroic nine-year-old girl on an unforgettable adventure. Children everywhere are loving this adventurous tale of Jorie and Rufus, two orphans from very different walks of life, who meet by chance and discover a […]

Book Excerpt Third Party

Book Excerpt “So, the confluence of my thinking is this: I plan to take the majority of my personal wealth and use it to support third-party activities. In fact, I plan to start a new political party.” There was a stunned silence. “I don’t mean to burst your bubble,” K.C. finally said, shaking her head, […]

Promo Post Graham and Giveaway

Book Excerpt I’m coasting through town and hit the red light right beside the damn grocery store. Off in the distance, I spot a girl getting out of a powder-blue car. “Son of a …” Beeep! Yeah, some asshole behind me is honking because the light’s green. I flip him off and turn into the […]

Author Interview Pigeon-Blood Red

How long have you been writing? I’ve wanted to write for years but as a practicing lawyer, I never had the time except occasionally after work and on weekends.  I started working on Pigeon-Blood Red sometime in the mid-90’s.  In 2008 I wrote a legal text called Ohio Insurance Coverage, which is a reference work […]

Book Spotlight Rarity From The Hollow

Book Excerpt Jenny (the mother) walked up the hill to Roundabend. She called Lacy Dawn’s name every few yards. Her muddy tennis shoes slipped and slid.             I hear her voice. Why won’t she answer me?              “Sounds like she’s talking to someone,” Jenny said to the Woods.             Nobody responded. The trees weren’t supposed […]

Book Excerpt The Virgin of the Wind Rose

Sopped in sweat, the ten-year-old Ethiopian boy prayed to St. Georgis the Dragonslayer for protection as he wormed his way toward the tomb of the first man on Earth. The tunnel’s gritty sandstone, stained red from the blood of Satan’s serpents, punished his hands and knees. To preserve the precious air, he slowed his breaths […]