Book Tours: Book Spotlight Molly Gets Her Man

Title: Molly Gets Her Man Genre: Romantic Suspense Author: Julie Rowe Publisher: Entangled Ignite Pages: 163 Language: English Format: Ebook When flaky Las Vegas hairdresser Molly McLaren overhears hears a Russian hit man planning to kill a US congressman and take out Hoover Dam in the process, she becomes a target for murder. Now, on the run […]

Book Tours: Guest Post for the Suddenly Cinderella Series

I’m hosting a guest post today for “Operation Cinderella” and “The Cinderella Makeover”, two books in the Suddenly Cinderella Series. Guest Post The No Longer So Secret Diary of Samantha—Sam—Mannon OPERATION CINDERELLA and THE CINDERELLA MAKEOVER Suddenly Cinderella Series Books #1 & 2 By Hope Tarr Hi Folks! First off, many thanks for having me […]

Book Spotlight: Mr. Virile and the Girl Next Door

Title: Mr. Virile and the Girl Next Door Genre: Romance Author: Gwen Hayes Publisher: Entangled Indulgence Pages: 67 Language: English Format: Ebook Online dating columnist Dane Martin has no plans to give up his reign as bachelor extraordinaire. He has a reputation to uphold, especially with the upcoming release of his book Coming on Strong. Holly […]

Book Spotlight Sweet Southern Betrayal

Title: Sweet Southern Betrayal Genre: Romance Author: Robin Covington Publisher: Entangled Indulgence Pages: 161 Language: English Format: Ebook Privileged and ambitious attorney Teague Elliott is on the fast-track to getting everything he wants. All he has to do is stay on the straight and narrow and a high-profile political career is his for the taking. Until he […]

Guest Post My Whispers of Horror

I’m going to share a guest post today by Brine Books, the publishers of “My Whispers of Horror”. It’s a very inspiring post for all authors out there! How to Avoid the Rejection Blues Don’t be upset if you get rejected! Really, it isn’t personal and it doesn’t mean that the publisher will never accept […]

Book Spotlight In Bed with Mr. Wrong

I’m hosting a book spotlight post today by Katee Robert, author of “In Bed with Mr. Wrong”, a novel currently on tour by Pump Up Your Book  Tours. There’s a giveaway for a $25 Amazon gift card at the bottom of this post! About the Book Title: In Bed with Mr. Wrong Genre: Romance Author: Katee Robert […]

Book Tours: Book Spotlight A Sixites Book

I’m hosting a book spotlight today for “A Sixties Book”, a general fiction novel by Damon Galeassi. There’s also a giveaway for a $25 Amazon Gift card. Scroll down to participate! About the Book Title: A Sixties Book Genre: General Fiction Author: Damon Galeassi Publisher: iUniverse Pages: 198 Language: English ISBN – 978-0-59522-378-7 SPIDERWORT: noun, Tradescantia. The […]

Book Tours: Book Spotlight for Evoked Potentials

I’m hosting a book spotlight today for “Evoked Potentials”, a murder/mystery novel by author Pat Dannenberg. There’s also a giveaway for a $25 Amazon Gift Card. Participate below! About the Book Title: Evoked Potentials Genre: Murder/Mystery Author: Pat Dannenberg Publisher: iUniverse Pages: 346 Language: English ISBN – 978-1-49171-172-9  Sadie Ackerman doesn’t have to leave home to find adventure. […]

Book Spotlight: Reforming the Playboy

Title: Reforming the Playboy Genre: Romance Author: Inara Scott Publisher: Entangled Indulgence Pages: 162 Language: English Format: Ebook Five years ago, she left without a word… Internationally-renowned artist Max Estin is as well known for his million dollar commissions as he is his partying and clubbing. But Max is hiding a secret—for almost a year he’s been […]

Book Tours: Book Spotlight Immortal Touch

About the Book Title: Immortal Touch Genre: Paranormal Suspense Author: Ethan Peasley Publisher: iUniverse Pages: 180 Language: English ISBN – 978-1-46207-356-6 Asael was once a man. Now he drinks blood merely to stay alive. Once a strong warrior who failed miserably in a mission and subsequently killed his evil master, Asael is now haunted by his memories. Others […]