Book Tours: Guest Post In Shadows Waiting


I’m hosting a guest post today by Stewart Bint, author of paranormal horror “In Shadows Waiting”. Enjoy the guest post! I’ll leave the word to Stewart now. Why I Write Horror My two genres, horror and science fiction both represent the unknown, and it’s that fear of the unknown that sends a tingle down most […]

Book Tours: Guest Post for Trespass


I’m hosting a guest post today for the book tour for science-fiction / fantasy “Trespass”. The author talks about five things he learned while writing Trespass! I hope you enjoy the post. Five Things I Learned Writing Trespass Don’t try to be Too Clever I wanted my first novel to be special, to be different. […]

Book Tours: Guest Post and Giveaway Mothering Through Bipolar


Today’s guest is Rebecca Moore, the author of “Mothering Through Bipolar”, a memoir. She talks about why she started writing down her jounrey as a parent diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, and why she writes the things she writes. Why I Do What I do Four years ago when I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, I […]

Book Tours: Guest Post From Frights to Flaws


I’m hosting a guest post for the book tour for MG fantasy “From Frights to Flaws” about MG characters. Enjoy the guest post! When MG Main Characters Have to be Dependent We all know that in middle grade fiction, the protagonists have to make their own decisions and not rely on adults to help them […]

Book Tours: Guest Post for Nowhere Train


I’m hosting a guest post today for the book tour for paranormal / new adult / dystopian “Nowhere Train” by Allie Burke. Enjoy! I’ll leave the word to Allie now. THE HARDEST PART ABOUT WRITING BY ALLIE BURKE I really don’t know why writing is so hard. Writers in all genres talk so much about […]

Book Tour: Guest Post for Keep Dancing


Today I’m glad to host a guest post for the book tour for “Keep Dancing”. I’d like to welcome the author to my blog, and thank her for writing the guest post! Also, if you’re interested, there’s a giveaway for a $2000 diamond ring during this tour (yeeep, pretty awesome, right?) Scroll down to participate! […]

Book Tours: Guest Post Knight of Rapture Tour

04_Knight of Rapture_Blog Tour Banner_FINAL

I’m hosting an interview today for the “Knight of Rapture” tour, and I’m interviewing Ruth A. Casie, the author of the book. Author Interview Ruth, I am so excited to have you as my featured guest today. I appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions. Thank you so much Majanka for inviting me […]

Guest Post: 10 Formatting Tips for Print Publishing That Will Save Your Bacon


Hello, hello! Thank you Majanka for having me here at I Heart Reading! I’m Keira Gillett and I am many things, but today I am both an author and a technical writer. My first book, Zaria Fierce and the Secret of Gloomwood Forest, released on 06 March 2015 and is about an American girl in […]

Guest Post The Legend of Waterhole Branch

The Legend of Waterhole Branch

I’m hosting a guest post today by Lucas Wright, author of “The Legend of Waterhole Branch”. MY INSPIRATION FOR WRITING A NOVEL Guest post by author, Lucas Wright My inspiration for writing a book was simple. Primitive even. It was to impress women and make money. That is essentially the basis for all my decisions […]

Book Tours: Guest Post for Touched (The Marnie Baranuik Files #1)


I’m hosting a guest post today by AJ Aalto, the talented tour for urban fantasy / paranormal “Touched (The Marnie Baranuik Files #1)”. Enjoy the post! I’ll leave the word to the author now. Living After the Dead Rise So, I watch the Walking Dead, and as a fan of zombies and horror, I quite […]