Prequel & Sequel Challenge 2015

For this challenge, you need to read prequels and sequels in a series. Novellas and short stories count, and you get 10 bonus points if you finish a complete series of at least three books. You don’t get points for the first book in the series though – it’s all about the sequels and prequels. […]

Flights of Fantasy Reading Challenge 2015

I wanted to try a few new challenges this year, so I signed up for the Flights of Fantasy Reading Challenge. I fell in love with reading by reading fantasy books, so I’ve always had a soft spot for the genre, which means this challenge is perfect. According to the challenge guidelines, participants can set […]

TBR Pile Reading Challenge 2015

I’m going to participate in the TBR Pile (to-be-read pile) Reading Challenge for 2015. The goal of the challenge is to read books that have been on our bookshelf for a while – either as gifts, or books we bought and never got around to reading, or anything else. The main rule is the book […]

Reading Challenge Addict 2015

Last year, I participated in 5 reading challenges and completed each of them successfully. Since I can’t take more on my plate this year, I’m aiming for five challenges again. I will keep track of the challenges in the sidebar, and here. If you want to sign up for the challenge, please go here. Here […]

Netgalley Reading Challenge 2015

Last year, I participated in the Netgalley challenge and successfully reached my goals. This year, I’m signing up for it again. My netgalley ratio is currently 92% and I’m very proud of that, so this year it won’t be about upping the ratio, but about keeping it above 90% (and as close to 100% as […]

Horror Reading Challenge 2015

I participated in the horror reading challenge last year, and ended up reading way more horror books than I had to for the challenge. But I love horror, so I want to participate in the challenge again. Like last year, I’m aiming for the highest level, “Horror Hounds”, which means, reading 16+ horror books. The […]

2014 in a nutshell

It’s December 31st, and I can’t believe 2014 is…gone. Just like that. The year went by so fast it’s almost impossible to grasp. Before I start working on my reading resolutions for the new year, I wanted to focus on what I accomplished in 2014, in terms of reading. According to Goodreads, I read a […]

Reading Challenge Addict 2014

I love participating in challenges, so you could probably say I’m a Reading Challenge Addict. I’ll be participating in 5 reading challenges in 2014 at the moment, but knowing myself, it could quickly turn into a larger number. This year, I want to keep track of the challenges I entered and completed, so I set […]

2014 Everything YA Reading Challenge

Since I read mostly YA books, I wanted to participate in a YA reading challenge for 2014. Then I stumbled upon the 2014 Everything YA Reading Challenge on Books and Iced Coffee, and I decided to sign up. There don’t seem to be any levels in this challenge, so I will set a goal for […]

Dystopia Reading Challenge 2014

I’m participating in the Dystopia Reading Challenge for 2014, hosted by Blog of Erised. I love Dystopia, but I feel like I don’t get around to reading it often, so I want to change that. For this challenge, I won’t go for the highest level. Instead, I’m aiming for level two, Rebel, which means I’ll […]