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Blog Blitz The Migraine Relief Plan

The Migraine Relief Plan: An 8-Week Transition to Better Eating, Fewer Headaches, and Optimal Health

In The Migraine Relief Plan, certified health and wellness coach Stephanie Weaver outlines a new, step-by-step lifestyle approach to reducing migraine frequency and severity.

Using the latest research, her own migraine diagnosis, and extensive testing, Weaver has designed an accessible plan to help those living with migraine, headaches, or Meniere’s disease. Over the course of eight weeks, the plan gradually transitions readers into a healthier lifestyle, including key behaviors such as regular sleep, trigger-free eating, gentle exercise, and relaxation techniques. The book also collects resources—shopping lists, meal plans, symptom tracking charts, and kitchen-tested recipes for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner—to provide readers with the tools they need to be successful.

The Migraine Relief Plan encourages readers to eat within the guidelines while still helping them follow personal dietary choices, like vegan or Paleo, and navigate challenges, such as parties, work, and travel. A must-have resource for anyone who lives with head pain, this book will inspire you to rethink your attitude toward health and wellness.

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Author Bio

Stephanie Weaver, MPH, CWHC, is an author, blogger, and certified wellness and health coach. Her recipes have been featured in Cosmopolitan, Bon Appetit, Cooking Light, Parade, and more. She lives in San Diego, CA.

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Beat The Backlist Challenge 2019

I participated in the Beat The Backlist Challenge last year, and signed up again. I didn’t complete my goals last year, so this is my second try.
For this challenge, you can set your own reading goal, so I’m once again aiming for 20 books.
You can find out more about the challenge or sign up to participate on Novel Knight.
I will keep track of my progress here, and on my main reading challenges page.

  1. Malta, The Ultimate Island by Amit Offir
  2. Haunted Blood by Elik Katzav
  3. Psy’s Last Mission by Jacob Steinberg
  4. A Trace of Revenge by Lyle Howard
  5. When I Fall, I Shall Rise by Dan Shtauber
  6. Dolphins Don’t Run Marathons by Sam Brand
  7. Turn Your Dental Practice into a Successful Business by Gabriel Asulin
  8. The Little Prince by Yoram Selbst

Book Tours: Starter Day Party The Hooligans of Kandahar

I’m hosting the starter day party today for the book tour for nonfiction / war memoir “The Hooligans of Kandahar”. The tour runs from June 12 to July 12.

Tour Schedule

June 12th: Starter Day Party @ I Heart Reading

June 12th: Promo Post @ Stormy Night Reviewing

June 14th: Book Excerpt @ I’m an Eclectic Reader

June 15th:  Author Interview @ Editor Charlene’s Blog

June 16th: Book Excerpt @ Mythical Books

June 18th: Book Excerpt @ The Resistance

June 20th: Promo Post @ Books are Forever

June 22nd: Book Excerpt @ Books, Authors & Publishing 411

June 24th: Author Interview @ Majanka’s Blog

June 26th: Promo Post @ Bedazzled Reading

June 28th: Book Review @ Read Day and Night

June 30th: Book Excerpt @ Indy Book Fairy

July 1st: Promo Post @ Cassidy Crimson’s Blog

July 2nd: Book Review @ I Heart Reading

July 4th:  Book Excerpt @ Silver Dagger Scriptorium

July 5th: Book Excerpt @ Bookish Madness

July 6th: Promo Post @ Mello & June It’s A Book Thing

July 8th: Author Interview @ The Single Librarian

July 9th: Book Review @ The Single Librarian

July 10th: Book Excerpt @ Lisa Queen of Random

July 12th:  Promo Post @ The Book Daily

About the Book

Title: The Hooligans of Kandahar

Author: Joseph Kassabian

Genre: Nonfiction / War Memoir

During the peak years of the Afghanistan War, a group of soldiers is dropped by helicopter into the remote mountains outside of Kandahar City. Mismanaged and overlooked by command, how they survive is largely up to them. In the birthplace of the Taliban, some men lose their sanity, others their humanity. They are The Hooligans.

Written in the months and years following his deployment, Joseph Kassabian recounts his time in the isolated and dangerous country of Afghanistan. Pulling no punches, The Hooligans of Kandahar is a sobering, saddening, and often sarcastic first-hand account of America’s War on Terror.


Amazon (eBook)

Amazon (Paperback)

Book Tours: Starter Day Party Riversnow

I’m hosting the starter day party today for the book tour for romantic suspense “Riversnow”. The tour runs from May 2 to June 2. Enjoy the tour and stay tuned for my review on May 18.

Tour Schedule

May 2nd: Starter Day Party @ I Heart Reading

May 2nd: Book Excerpt @ Stormy Night Reviewing

May 2nd: Book Excerpt @ Ammie’s Book Obsession

May 4th: Book Excerpt and Giveaway @ Books Direct

May 7th: Book Excerpt and Giveaway @ T’s Stuff

May 10th: Character Interview @ Kate Hill’s Blog

May 14th: Book Excerpt @ Books, Dreams, Life

May 18th: Book Review and Giveaway @ I Heart Reading

May 20th: Book Excerpt @ Paranormal Romance… And Beyond

May 23rd: Character Interview @ The Book Daily

May 26th: Book Excerpt @ Bright Street Books

May 28th: Author Interview @ Bedazzled Reading

May 30th: Book Excerpt @ Just Books

June 1st: Book Review @ Romantic Fanatic


About The Book

Title: Riversnow

Author: Tess Thompson

Genre: Romantic Supsense

Genevieve Banks is beautiful and successful – and one of Hollywood’s highest paid actresses.

While filming opposite Hollywood’s heartthrob Stefan Spencer in River Valley, Genevieve and Stefan form a deep friendship. He wants to take their relationship to the next level, but a violent incident from Genevieve’s past has made her feel intimacy is an impossibility.

When her closely guarded secret is revealed, Genevieve is forced into a decision: Stay silent and let others suffer or bravely confront her violent past and the man who hurt her.

In this fourth installment of the bestselling River Valley Series, author Tess Thompson explores themes of community, friendship and love.


Author Bio

Tess Thompson is a bestselling novelist of romantic suspense. She’s also a Zumba dancing queen, though the wearing of the crown is reserved for invitation-only appearances. Recently she’s participated in obstacle course races, the hardest of which was the Spartan Beast in Sun Peaks, British Columbia. It was an awful experience that will soon be included in a novel. There was running. And climbing a mountain. And obstacles, like walls and crawling under barbed wire. She is not the running or obstacle queen.

Like her characters in the River Valley Collection, Tess hails from a small town in southern Oregon, and will always feel like a small town girl, despite the fact she’s lived in Seattle for over twenty-five years. She loves music and dancing, books and bubble baths, cooking and wine, movies and snuggling. She cries at sappy commercials and thinks kissing in the rain should be done whenever possible. Although she tries to act like a lady, there may or may not have been a few times in the last several years when she’s gotten slightly carried away watching the Seattle Seahawks play, but that could also just be a nasty rumor.
She currently lives in a suburb of Seattle, Washington with her brand new husband, the hero of her own love story, and their Brady Bunch clan of two sons, two daughters and five cats, all of whom keep her too busy, often confused, but always amazed. Yes, that’s four kids, three of whom are teenagers, and five cats. Pray for her.

Tess loves to hear from you. Drop her a line, or visit her Facebook Fan Page, or follow her on Pinterest and Twitter.








Release Blitz Solomon’s Bell

About the Book

Title: Solomon’s Bell

Author: Michelle Lowery Combs

Genre: YA Fantasy

To save her family, Ginn uses her newfound genie powers to transport herself and her friends to 16th century Prague. Only one thing there remains the same as at home:  she can’t let anyone know what she really is.

The Emperor of Prague and those closest to him are obsessed with magic. In pursuit of it, they’ve waged war on the citizens of their city. In the citizens’ defense, someone has brought to life a golem, a dangerous being with connections to an artifact capable of summoning and commanding an entire army of genies. Can Ginn escape the notice of the Emperor as she attempts to discover a way to defeat Prague’s golem in time to save her family from a similar creature?

Solomon’s Bell is the sequel to Heir to the Lamp and the second book of the Genie Chronicles series.


Author Bio

Michelle is an award-winning writer and blogger who studied business and English at Jacksonville State University. She lives in Alabama with her husband and their army of children. When not in the presence of throngs of toddlers, tweens, and teens, Michelle can be found among the rows of her family’s farm, neglecting her roots and dreaming up the next best seller. She is a member of the Alabama Writers’ Conclave and the Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators (SCBWI).​


Official Page



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Book Review: The Protector Bug: The Tryouts by Jason Reid

unnamedTitle: The Protector Bug: The Tryouts
Author: Jason Reid
Genre: Children’s Books
Age Group: Children
Rating: 4 stars
Purchase: Amazon
Review copy provided by Enchanted Book Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

“This amazing new addition to The Protector Bug series not only has new illustrations, but a fun new adventure for children of all ages to enjoy. In “The Tryouts” two best friends Sheldon, the ant, and Jared ,the mosquito, overcome challenges as they are both on their own journeys to becoming the newest Protector Bugs. The wonderfully illustrated children’s book is full of adventure and great moral lessons of overcoming self-doubt and helping those in need. The unexpected surprises of these two best friends will keep you and your children on your toes and wanting to read more!”

The Protector Bug: The Tryouts is the second installment in the Protector Bugs series. Without having read book one, it’s still very easy to follow, though. It’s a perfect book for kids with wonderful illustrations and a cute storyline.

Sheldon, an ant, and Jared, a mosquito are trying out to become “Protector Bugs”. During the tryouts, they have to overcome challenges, which bring their own specific troubles for each of them. The focus is on overcoming self-doubt, and it’s a beautiful message. There’s also a focus on friendship, helping others, and working together.

The illustrations were wonderful, and very colorful too. Kids will love this book.

Mini-Review: Babylon Terminal, Nausea, The Darkest Corners


Time for some mini-reviews! What are mini-reviews, you ask? As the title suggests, these are short reviews, consisting of one paragraph tops, about a book. It’s a way to catch up on the books I’ve read a while ago, but never got around to reviewing.

Babylon Terminal

Tite: Babylon Terminal

Author: Greg F. Gifune

Genre: Horror

Rating: 3,5 stars

In a nightmare world of darkness and violence lies a city that is home to those who inhabit the dreams of the living, those who sleep in daylight and struggle to survive the night.

But there are some who break the rules, who believe there may be something better out there beyond their city of dreams, those who run in search of a promised land of sunshine and peace.

Enter the Dreamcatchers, an elite law enforcement unit assigned to hunt down runners and bring them back, dead or alive. Monk is one of the best, a dark and brooding, by-the-book Dreamcatcher with a reputation for extreme violence. But when his enigmatic wife Julia runs, Monk must break the rules himself, and find her before fate or his fellow Dreamcatchers do.

In a hallucinatory quest for redemption, Monk chases the woman he loves across a city of nightmares and into the wastelands, where unimaginable horrors and wonders await them both, and soon learns there are realities far deadlier than their prison of darkness, his love for Julia or a life together in the light.

This is the world of darkness, of endless night and doomed dreams. This is the beginning and the end.

This is Babylon Terminal.

Review: Another dark, thrilling horror novel by Greg F. Gifune. The writing is stellar, and the characters are so realistic they might as well crawl out from the pages. The only downside was that the plot was hard to follow at times, with the “dream within a dream” quality of the plot, and it was hard to know what was real and what wasn’t. I would’ve liked to know a bit more about what was truly going on, though.


Title: Nausea

Author: Ed Kurtz

Genre: Mystery, Suspense, Dark Fiction

Rating: 4 stars

Purchase: Amazon

Since the night he made an ill-advised decision to commit a pair of revenge killings, Nick has made his living as a professional murderer. Early on, he dispensed with guilt or emotion. But after a routine hit gets messy, Nick gets sick and the conscience he thought he’d killed, along with dozens of other marks, comes creeping back into his brain.

Now Nick’s profession and life are on the line, and he has begun stalking a perfectly innocent couple to see if he can snuff them out without the slightest hint of remorse…or if the humanity he worked so hard to suppress is making up for lost time.

A dark noir novel about human connection and repentance, Nausea is the story of a sociopathic killer in a war with himself, a war in which the lives of an uninvolved couple hang in the balance.

Review: Nick is a cold, professional killer for hire who feels no remorse. His latest job does make him feel something, though. Reluctant to think he losing his ability, he starts tracking a young couple to kill, just because he wants to know if he can. When the past creeps up on him, Nick will have to face some demons. Nick was an intriguing, well-crafted character, and the author did an amazing job of making me feel for him even if he was a deranged killer. The writing was impeccable. however, the time slips were slightly confusing, hence why no five stars.

The Darkest Corners

Title: The Darkest Corners

Author: Kara Thomas

Genre: Young Adult, Mystery, Thriller

Rating: 3,5 stars

Purchase: Amazon

The Darkest Corners is a psychological thriller about the lies little girls tell, and the deadly truths those lies become.

There are ghosts around every corner in Fayette, Pennsylvania. Tessa left when she was nine and has been trying ever since not to think about it after what happened there that last summer. Memories of things so dark will burn themselves into your mind if you let them.

Callie never left. She moved to another house, so she doesn’t have to walk those same halls, but then Callie always was the stronger one. She can handle staring into the faces of her demons—and if she parties hard enough, maybe one day they’ll disappear for good.

Tessa and Callie have never talked about what they saw that night. After the trial, Callie drifted and Tessa moved, and childhood friends just have a way of losing touch.

But ever since she left, Tessa has had questions. Things have never quite added up. And now she has to go back to Fayette—to Wyatt Stokes, sitting on death row; to Lori Cawley, Callie’s dead cousin; and to the one other person who may be hiding the truth.

Only the closer Tessa gets to the truth, the closer she gets to a killer—and this time, it won’t be so easy to run away.

Review: A slow start, but gradually grows into a thrilling, suspenseful read. The character dynamics were very intriguing, and the character themselves were complex and engaging. The story had some amazing twists. Also loved the focus on the girl’s friendship rather than romance for once. However, the ending was a bit of a let down.

Book Tours: Starter Day Party Surrender to the Chase

I’m hosting the starter day party today for the book tour for paranormal romance “Surrender to the Chase”. Enjoy, and scroll down for our giveaway.

Tour Schedule

May 25th: Starter Day Party @ I Heart Reading

May 25th: Author Interview @ Tiffany Shand’s Blog

May 26th: Book Excerpt @ Recipe Fairy

May 28th: Book Excerpt @ The Bookworm Lodge

May 29th: Book Review @ Books are Forever

May 30th: Book Excerpt @ The Voluptuous Diva

June 1st: Author Interview @ Anna Durand’s Blog

About the Book

surrender to the chaseTitle: Surrender to the Chase

Series: Under Realm Assassins #2

A year after the tragic death of his close friend and fellow assassin, Ethan Halstead is ready to take up his sniper rifle once more. But his first assignment is nothing he ever expected. Ethan must hunt and retrieve a beautiful, spirited, alluring werewolf.

Knowing no other way to escape an arranged marriage, Fraya flees from her pack. As she contemplates slipping across the border and heading to South America, she is captured by a dangerously seductive vampire who plans on escorting her back to her family. Even as Fraya vows to make Ethan’s mission as difficult as possible, she can’t resist the riotous desire he sparks within her.

But Ethan isn’t the only predator that peruses Fraya. A powerful rival pack’s alpha wants to make her his mate. Will Ethan be able to keep Fraya safe and return her to her pack? Or will he surrender to temptation and claim Fraya as his own?

Author Bio

Amanda J. Greene is a paranormal romance author. When she is not writing, she can be found playing the role of a university student who also works full time. She lives in Southern California with her very supportive husband and their two dogs. Doing all the above and being a military wife is not easy, but rewarding! Of course, she accomplishes everything with a strong cup of coffee in her hand.
Amanda is also an associate reviewer on The Book Nympho.


 Surrender to the Chase is $0.99 until May 31! Get your copy while you can.

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Amazon CA

Amazon AU


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Author Twitter: @AmandaJGreene1



$10 Amazon gift card, and one eBook copy of the Under Realm Assassins series: A Bewitching Christmas & Surrender to the Chase.
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Book Tours: Starter Day Party Expand Your Personal Brand

I’m hosting the starter day party today for the book tour for nonfiction “Expand Your Personal Brand”. Enjoy the tour!

Tour Schedule

May 17th: Starter Day Party @ I Heart Reading

May 19th: Book Excerpt @ I’m an Eclectic Reader

May 22nd: Book Review @ Enjoying Life A Day At A Time

May 24th: Book Excerpt @ Cassidy Crimson’s Blog

May 26th: Author Interview @ Majanka’s Blog

May 28th: Promo Post @ Maari Loves Her Indies

June 1st: Guest Post @ Tiffany Shand’s Blog

June 3rd: Book Excerpt @ The Bookworm Lodge

June 5th: Promo Post @ Books are Forever

June 8th: Book Excerpt @ Mello and June, It’s A Book Thing

June 10th: Author Interview @ Bedazzled Reading

June 11th: Book Review @ Bedazzled Reading

June 14th: Promo Post @ Bookaholic Ramblings

June 15th: Book Review @ Bookworm 1102

June 17th: Book Excerpt @ Hollow Readers

June 19th: Promo Post @ Bookish Madness

June 20th: Book Review @ BreeniBooks

June 22nd: Guest Post @ Editor Charlene’s Blog

June 24th: Book Excerpt @ 365 Days of Reading

June 26th: Book Review @ I Heart Reading

June 28th: Guest Post @ The Book Daily

June 30th: Book Excerpt @ Indy Book Fairy

July 2nd: Promo Post @ The Book Gazette

July 6th: Author Interview @ The Single Librarian

July 7th: Book Review @ The Single Librarian

July 14th: Book Review @ Mama and the Bears

July 17th: Guest Post and Book Review @ Book Girl Knitting

About the Book

Expand_Your_Personal_BrandTitle: Expand Your Personal Brand

Author: Carla Jenkins

Genre: Business, Nonfiction

I have written this book because I want to save you, the reader, time, money and agony. I have learned these 20 lessons after 10 years of trial and error. The topics I cover are financial, personal branding, marketing and time management. I have started out with zero dollars in my pocket and have worked many 6-figure jobs due to these lessons. ‘ Expand Your Personal Brand!’ kills the learning curve by giving you realistic answers and timetables to solve your personal and professional branding problems. These 20 stories are real because I have lived them. I wish you, the reader, unlimited success.            – Carla Jenkins

Author Bio

 Carla_JenkinsCarla Jenkins is a phenomenal expert specializing in project management and positive change management. She helps people capitalize upon all opportunities that positive change brings. Jenkins has received her BA in International Economics from Hiram College and her MBA from Cleveland State University. She also possesses 10 years’ experience in corporate America, a LinkedIn Pulse contributor and a certified project management professional. Ms. Jenkins is the host of Positive Change with Carla radio show focusing on positive change and project management.

Having earned 4 promotions in 9 years, Jenkins has experienced and handled positive change management head on. Many people only talk about change in the negative, but change can be positive. No one talks about positive change, so Jenkins learnt how to manage this change through trial and error. You can check her out at http://carlarjenkins.com/


Author’s personal website: http://www.carlarjenkins.com/

My book’s website: http://expandyourpersonalbrand.com/