Monthly Features

The Email Subscriber Only Contest is a new monthly feature on I Heart Reading. As the title suggests, this contest is only open to email subscribers. But fear not, both old and new email subscribers are welcome to join the contest. All you have to do is enter your email address below the ‘Newsletter’ header in the left sidebar. All prizes are books that will be reviewed at some point during the month.

Disclaimer: You will receive an email every time I Heart Reading is updated, with a maximum of one email a day. You will also receive a weekly digest email focusing on all posts from the last week. Another upside of becoming an email subscriber is that some special promotions are only mentioned through email, for instance, author spotlight spots and/or guest post slots.

On the first of every month, I will schedule a post with a Rafflecopter widget. You have to fill in your email address in the Rafflecopter widget if you want to participate for that month. The post will also feature all prizes the winner can choose from. Winners will be announced on the last day of the month on my blog and of course, in the newsletter. I will also personally contact the winner through email.

This contest is open internationally. Prizes are shipped through the Book Depository, unless otherwise stated.

Attention: Simply subscribing by email isn’t enough. You have to manually enter your email address in the Rafflecopter widget on the monthly contest post to participate.

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The Top Commentators Contest is a new monthly feature at I Heart Reading. I think discussion and communication is extremely important, especially on a book review blog. I love it when people have something to say about my reviews, my memes, etc. Hence I thought it was time I tried to enhance discussion on my blog by providing a contest and a matching prize for every month’s top commentator on I Heart Reading. All prizes are books that will be reviewed at some point during the month.

I will keep track of each month’s comments by using the Top Contributors plugin for WordPress. As of january 1st 2012, you can keep track of this month’s top commentators in the sidebar.

Disclaimer: It’s important that, every time you comment, you use the same email address and username, since this plugin registers both of these to calculate the top contributor. Spam comments are, obviously, not allowed. You do not have to enter your information anywhere else to participate in this contest. By commenting on I Heart Reading during the month, you are automatically participating in this contest. At the start of each new month, the number of comments will be put to ‘zero’ again.

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Month in Review features the monthly wrap-up of news on I Heart Reading. This includes book reviews, author interviews, guest blog posts, giveaways and giveaway winners, book tour stops, reading challenges progress and anything else that happened that month. Since I keep a more detailed record of my reading challenge progress on my reading challenges page, this feature will only offer a brief overview of challenge progress. I feature this meme on the last day of every month.

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